Shipping Internationally by Air

Shipping household items internationally is very common, however only about 10% are shipped internationally by air.  

Shipping by air can get your items to your international destination in just a few days, unlike international shipping by sea, which takes weeks, sometimes up to a few months.  

How much does international air freight cost? 

Cost to ship internationally by air varies, depending on the type of cargo that is being shipped, and the available space on the plane. It’s far more costly than shipping by sea, but if it’s speed and reliability you’re after, this is the way to go. To compare rates, prepare an inventory of what you’ll be shipping. Knowing sizes is helpful to get a more accurate estimate of the cost. Additional costs will include: Fuel surcharges, security surcharges, and airport transfers. The price can also increase for door-to-door service.  

Why is air cargo so expensive? 

The high costs to ship by air are due to the larger fuel consumption of a plane, and the operational costs.  

What cannot be shipped by air? 

While most items can be shipped by air, some items cannot. The reason is that some things can become extremely hazardous during the flight, this is due to the changing pressures. Items that cannot be shipped include: explosives of any kind, flammables (solids & liquids), toxic & infectious items (pesticides).  

Depending on where you’re moving, whether it’s a local or long distance move, it’s important to plan what to do with the food in your kitchen.  

Can I pack food when moving?  

Non-perishable foods can be packed and moved. If you do pack these items, consider carefully which ones to take, and make sure they’re packed securely. If you’re moving long distance and have opened packets of flour, sugar etc., cans or glass jars of food, it’s best to discard or give away these items and purchase a new supply once you’re in your new home. These items can get heavy and potentially messy if not packed correctly.  

How do I keep my food cold while moving?  

If you’re moving locally, items that require refrigeration, perishables, can be moved. Make sure they’re transported in a cooler and remain at low temperatures. If you’re wondering, can I move my freezer full of food? You cannot! Freezers must be emptied and unplugged prior to the movers arriving.  

vegetables in the refrigerator

How do I eat all food before moving?  

If you know your moving date, it helps to plan meals and use what food you have. Naturally, the perishable items need to be used before they spoil. If there’s more food than you and your family can eat prior to moving day, consider inviting guests to come and eat with you, even if it means eating on paper plates. Non-perishable foods that haven’t expired can be donated.  

The Internet can be used to plan your entire move from start to completion. With everything and everyone available online, using the Internet to coordinate a move can be a simple and stress less experience. 

How do you make a moving plan?  

Using the internet to create a moving plan is easy and efficient. There are some great moving apps available to help keep your move organized, which is essential to a successful move. Some moving apps are free and can be used on both Android and IOS devises. While creating your moving plan, you can simultaneously start researching moving companies and collect estimates, all through the internet. If you need to sell anything prior to moving, there are different online platforms where you can sell almost anything. To donate items, just go online and schedule a pick up. If you’ll be renting or purchasing a new home, check out some of the great resources such as Zillow, and craigslist to find a suitable property.  

calendar and a marker

When should you schedule internet when moving?

Making sure you have internet in your new home is important, and should be included as a task on your moving plan. You’ll want to schedule the installation and set up appointment a few weeks prior to arriving at your new home. If you’re moving to a new city, or state, research who is the best internet provider so that you get the best service.  

Knowing how to safely lift and move heavy items can help avoid serious injury from happening on moving day. Common injuries that occur during the moving process include back and knee injuries, strained muscles, and broken bones in the hands and feet.  

How should you avoid injuring yourself when lifting and moving? Firstly, know how to use your body correctly, so there is no strain. This means lifting with the legs, not the back, which generally takes all the weight, causing back injury. The right tools and equipment should be used, especially if you are doing a DIY move. If you’re hiring a moving company to transport your belongings, they will provide all equipment, and come with fully trained movers. Know your limits, and take breaks when needed. The risk of injury increases when tired.  

What is the correct way to lift heavy objects? Start by bending at the hips and knees, so that you’re in a squatting position and are able to hold the item close to your body. Begin straightening your legs while lifting. It’s important not to lift heavy objects above shoulder level or twist your body while lifting and moving heavy objects. If you don’t have help, how do you move heavy objects by yourself? Use the same principals as already mentioned, correct use of the body when lifting, and moving equipment: furniture dollies, moving straps, and furniture sliders.  

House search

You’ll want to be prepared once you start looking for a new house or apartment. Having some basic items to take with you to each viewing can help to recall things you liked, things that perhaps you weren’t so keen on, or where some repairs might be needed.  

What should I bring to a house viewing? 

Have something to write notes on. This could be a notebook and pen, or an electronic tablet of some form. Taking a camera is a good idea. Most smartphones have good cameras. People ask if you can you take photos when viewing a house? If the property is empty, snap away. However, if you are viewing a home that is still occupied, it’s important that you ask before taking any photos. A tape measure is also an important item to take when viewing new homes. If you have furniture you want to move to the new home, its good to know whether or not it will fit. If certain features are required in the new home, make sure to bring a checklist to each viewing that can be checked off. Knowing what questions should you ask when viewing a house can assist with making informed decisions. If you see a house or apartment that checks all your boxes and you want to make an immediate application, arrive to each viewing prepared with all the information you’ll be required to provide, such as previous addresses, employer information, and references.  

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