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Protecting Your Belongings Flat screen televisions are fragile items that need to be well protected in preparation for a long distance move. Find out how to safely pack a flat screen TV. The best packaging for a flat screen TV is the original box in which it came in. It will contain the original packaging and protective pieces. If however, the original packaging is not available, there are other protective solutions. If a professional moving

October 19, 2020

Common Moving Mistakes

Common Moving Tips Understanding common moving mistakes can help you avoid these same mistakes during your long distance move.   Research moving companies – This is extremely important! Whether you plan to hire a professional moving company, or rent a moving truck for a DIY move. Not researching moving companies could see your belongings in the wrong hands. Avoid this mistake and avoid being part of a moving scam.  Have enough time to pack – Not

October 18, 2020

Prepare For An Estate Sale

If you’re planning to sell or auction the contents of an entire home, including personal belongings, art and jewelry, this is an estate sale. It’s common to hire specialists in the field of estate sales to oversee the sale. This is due to the size and time required to organize and manage a sale of this grandeur. Setting up and coordinating an estate sale without professionals is possible. Make sure to have reliable, honest people

September 23, 2020

Moving A Piano

Magnificent Piece of Fine Furniture or Art   A piano is not only a great source of sound; it is also a magnificent piece of fine furniture or art. The term furniture can only really be used if there is no pianist. If you will be moving a piano, whether for personal use, or as a piece of fine furniture, consider hiring a professional piano mover. Piano’s can range in weight between 500 lbs –

September 22, 2020

Feeling Nostalgic After a Move

Homesick After Moving   If you’ve recently moved, whether its locally within the same city, or to a new state, you might be experiencing some feelings of nostalgia for your old home, or the state in which you where living. In some cases these feelings of homesickness can take longer to come to the surface. If you are, or have been experiencing nostalgia, it is a natural emotion that will disappear over a period time.
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