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moving insurance

What To Know About Moving Insurance

How it works and what you should know
before your long distance move.

moving insurance, long distance movers insurance

Moving Insurance

Insurance is a very important, and sometimes confusing part of every long distance move. Here you will find out how it works and how best to protect your personal belongings when moving long distance. You’ll understand the different types of moving insurance available, including renters and homeowners insurance, which one is will be best for your move, and why having moving insurance is recommended for your cross country move.

If you’re considering basic insurance for your long distance move, we explain what it means to have basic insurance. Reputable moving companies do their best to take care of your items while in their possession. If however, loss or damage does occur, we show you how you can file a claim, what information you will be required to provide, and the importance of filing a claim in a timely manner.

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