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Choosing The Proper Storage Options

Choosing The Proper Storage Options

Proper storage is imperative when it comes to
long term care of extra valuables.

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Choosing The Proper Storage Options

Ideally, you will be moving all of your current possessions into your new home. There are however, certain scenarios whereby it may be problematic to do so, in which case you may need to look into securing a storage unit. Choosing a proper storage facility can be an important decision in your long distance moving project.

Learn all about how to choose the best storage option for your long distance move Firstly, determine just how much storage you will need. Units come in a variety of sizes and capacities, and you want one that will hold all of your items without a lot of wasted space. Storage space requirements are as follows:

  • 5x5x10 -Boxes, books, small items
  • 5x10x10 -Enough for a one-bedroom home
  • 10x15x10 -Two or three bedroom home
  • 10x20x10 -Three or four bedroom home
  • 10x30x10 -Five to seven bedroom home

Secondly, determine which items you really want to keep, namely by asking yourself if you actually have a need for them, if you have used them recently, and if you are likely to use them again. The answers may help you cut down the clutter considerably. Pre-move yard sales are excellent ways of getting rid of the excess and making a little cash in the process.

Proper storage is imperative when it comes to long term care of extra valuables.

If you are storing high dollar items or antiques, consider the benefit of a climate-controlled unit, which will help prevent damage or break down of the items in question.

As with any decision involving money, don't pick the first option you come across. Get good feedback and read the online reviews. Find a location that is convenient to you and your home. The long distance moving professionals at offer long-term storage services as a part of their California/New York Express packages.

As with any move, planning is the key to success. Start determining now what is going into your new home and what will have to be sidelined, and make your storage choices accordingly.

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