What To Expect On Moving Day

What To Expect On Moving Day 

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Moving day is approaching, and everything needs to be ready when the movers arrive. So, What happens on the day of moving and what can you expect?  

What should I do the day of moving? 

To best be prepared, start your day early. Ensure everything is ready and packed, unless you’ve hired the moving company to do the packing. Once the moving crew arrives, expect there to be quite a few people in your home, with a lot of movement and heavy lifting between the moving truck and your house. When possible, try to have children and animals out of the way. Have some snacks and beverages available for the movers and anyone onsite assisting with the move. In colder climates, also offer something warm. Before the movers leave, do a walk through of your home ensuring nothing has been left behind. Once everything has been loaded onto the moving truck, you’ll receive the bill of lading, this is your contract. Keep it safe with all your other moving paperwork. If you’re going to tip your movers, have the exact amount of cash ready, either to give to each crewmember, or to the foreman who will divide among the crew.  

What is the most common moving day?  

Friday and Saturday are the most common days to move, after that a Monday. One of the reasons Friday is common, especially for local moves, is that unpacking can happen over the weekend.  

What makes moving easier? 

 Being organized! 

This is a question many people ask themselves prior to moving. If you’re undecided, remember, it’s always better to have insurance and not need it, than not have it and need it! Even for a local move. Professional moving companies will do their best to ensure nothing gets lost or damaged, but, on the rare occasion something does happen, or there’s a natural disaster, you’ll be glad you’re insured. So, when asking yourself “Do I need insurance when moving house?” question if any of your belongings are of value, either sentimentally or financially and if you want them protected.  

 How does insurance work when moving?

If you’ve hired a reputable moving company to transport your belongings, that company is obligated to provide you with information about the available options to obtain the right coverage for your move. If you’re doing a DIY (do it yourself) move, and hiring a rental truck, make sure to see and understand the available insurance options before signing any rental agreements.  

 What happens to house insurance when you move?

Some home insurance companies cover the contents of your home while they’re in transit between your old home and your new home.  However, you will only be covered if using the services of a professional moving company. If your home insurance company does not cover items while in transit, you will therefore need to get additional moving insurance!  

What are moving documents?

Moving documents contain important information relating to ones individual move. Once you begin preparing to move, you’ll start to receive documents and forms from different companies and service providers. This will continue throughout the duration of the move. Whether its paper or digital copies being received, it’s important to know what each document is, keep them organized, and have them accessible. It’s very important to know what form do you fill out when you move, and ensure you have all the right documents and forms. Here is a list of some documents you’ll receive from the moving company. In addition to these documents and forms, you might also receive paperwork from places such as: USPS postal service, to file a change of address, the DMV, IRS, or customs, for an international move. Moving means paperwork, some informative, some legally binding.  

pen and calendar
  • Moving Estimates 
  • Your Rights and Responsibilities,  
  • Order of Service  
  • Bill of Lading 
  • Inventory sheet  
  • Statement of service 

How do you pack documents?

If you have a lot of documents to be moved, consider digitalizing them. The amount of paperwork in your home will be reduced, and less to be moved. If you do move the hard copies, pack them systematically, so unpacking is kept simple. Keep all moving documents with you while your personal belongings are in transit.  

Using the services of professional packers can have many benefits for your cross country move. Time being one of the most appreciated. When you ask yourself “What can I expect from a professional packer?” here are just a few of the advantages:  

Time – Whatever the situation, many of us are very busy, and coordinating a successful move takes time. Being able to assign tasks, such as packing, helps keep the move organized and on schedule.  

Packed by the professionalsProfessional moving companies train their packers to very high standards. Hiring the services of professional packers can significantly reduce damage from occurring, as items are protected and skillfully packed.  

Coverage – Having your belongings packed by professionals provides liability coverage. Knowing you’re covered while your items are in transit provides peace of mind.  

Unpacking Belongings can also be unpacked at your new home.  

How much does it cost for packing service?  

The cost to hire professional packers differs from one company to another. Depending on whom you hire, you can expect to pay either by the hour, or a flat rate. Things to consider when calculating costs are: size of the move, and items to be packed.  

If you’re still wondering should I hire packers? Look at the advantages, weigh up costs, and see if it’s beneficial to the success of your move.   

How do you move a heavy pool table? 

Pool tables are heavy! You’ll need at least two to four people to successfully move a pool table. On average, they weigh between 650 – 900 pounds. The best way to move a pool table is to hire professional movers to take it apart for easier and safer handling.  

How do you take apart a pool table for moving?  

If your pool table came with the instruction manual and you’re planning to disassemble it yourself, it will provide details on how to take it apart, and reassemble it in the new location. If you don’t have the original manual, research online, or contact the manufacturer directly. To take the pool table apart, you’ll need some basic tools, plenty of moving blankets to protect the pool table, the floors and walls, a truck to move the pool table and some strong helpers! If you’re wondering, can you move a pool table without taking it apart, yes, but only short distances. You’ll need furniture sliders, and plenty of people assisting. Moving a pool table without taking it apart can cause damage and may require some realignment and re-leveling. Before you move the pool table, knowing the measurements of doorways, hallways, staircases, or any openings will help you and your team to plan ahead and successfully move your pool table. 

How long does it take to move a pool table?  

With enough help, a pool table can be moved pretty quickly.  

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