Items cannot travel cross country without
being well packed and protected.

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Packing Your Items For The Journey

Items cannot travel cross country (an average of 2,700 miles) without being well packed and protected.

Your Packing Options

1. Pack On Your Own
Your best money saving option is to buy or gather packing supplies and pack as much as you can on your own. We would be happy to advise you throughout the process, so please give us a call with any questions you may have. You can purchase packing and wrapping materials (boxes, tape, blankets) from Home Depot, U-Haul, etc. Keep in mind we will still need to wrap your furniture items to prevent damage.

Highly Important: If you choose to pack on your own, it is CRUCIAL that you will read our "Packing Essentials!" section below, and watch our Packing Guide Videos. Neglecting to do so may determine the difference between the success and failure of your move!

2. Full or Partial Packing & Unpacking Service
Want us to do all, or some of your packing - or unpacking - for you? Our well-trained and experienced crew will provide top-notch packing services and supplies to make sure your moving day is hassle free. Ask your relocation consultant for more information.

Packing Essentials!

Try to Avoid Packing in Plastic Bins
We do not recommend to pack your items in plastic bins, even if they're "heavy duty". They are not manufactured to withstand a cross-country move, and although the contents may be protected, oftentimes the bins themselves get damaged.

Use Only Medium/Heavy Duty Boxes
In order for your boxes to withstand a cross country journey, they need to be sturdy. Use only medium/heavy duty boxes. Lightweight boxes may be good for local moves, but will simply not survive the 2,700 miles of the US roads.

Labeling Boxes
We recommend using a black marker to label the sides of each box
with its designated room name so our crew will know which room to put it in during delivery. This will make your delivery day quicker and easier.

Fill Up Boxes Completely
Pack boxes all the way to the top before sealing. When boxes are not full they tend to collapse during transit. We recommend paper, bubble wrap, towels, books or any items that are NOT delicate to use as filler to make sure the box can have other boxes stacked on it without it collapsing.

Fragile Items
If you have fragile items, you can leave those aside and let us pack them for you. If you do pack them, do so carefully in separate boxes with plenty of cushioning material like newspaper, bubble wrap, or foam peanuts. Label those boxes as "FRAGILE." Draw an arrow on the side of the box to point towards the top. Try to keep the weight of each box at 40 pounds or less so they are easier to move around.

General Furniture Guidelines
Drawers and cabinets should be emptied to prevent furniture damage due to stress of extra weight. Furniture should be well wrapped and protected by blankets and cardboard.

The following valuable items should be carried by you personally: medication, money, jewelry, credit cards, important documents, cell phones, tablets, laptops, game consoles, cameras and any other items of this nature. Federal Law states that a moving company cannot be held responsible for any loss of such items.

Liquids cannot be moved unless tightly sealed and inside sturdy containers.

Do Not Pack - Heavy
Boxes should not be too heavy for one man to maneuver. Pack heavy articles such as books and records in smaller boxes. Use large boxes for lighter items like linens, clothing, etc.

Do Not Pack - Flammables and Explosives
For safety reasons, we are not allowed to transport hazardous and flammable items such as propane tanks, paint, loose gas tanks, fire extinguishers, sprays, lighter fluid, corrosives, firearms, ammunition, explosives, etc. Motorcycles/Generator gas tanks, etc. must be emptied.

Do Not Pack - Perishables or Live Plants
Naturally such items will not last the journey cross country.

For a full list please see the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website.
Read here for more great packing tips.

* CF = Cubic Foot

Box Name Items To Pack In Box
Small Box 1.5 CF

Box Measurements: 16" L X 13" W X 13" H

Books, records, papers, wine, liquor, tools, heavy cookware.

Medium Box 3 CF

Box Measurements: 18" L X 18" W X 16" H

Pots and pans, linens (towels & sheets), shoes, games, small pictures, lamp shades, toys, silverware, purses, cooking utensils, stereo components, odds & ends.

Large Box 4.5 CF

Box Measurements: 18" L X 18" W X 24" H

Basically anything that won't fit in the above boxes; cookie sheet, pans, serving trays, games, pictures, blankets, pillows, bedspreads, quilts, comforters, cushions, lamps and lamp shades, big lampshades, baskets and globes, dishes, plates, bowls, saucers (on bottom layer); glasses, fragile figurines and knick knacks (on top layer).

Dish Pack Boxes6 CF

Box Measurements: 18" L X 18" W X 28" H

Dishes, plates, bowls, saucers, glasses, fragile figurines, and knickknacks. These things should be wrapped in tissue paper or bubble wrap for protection against breakage.

Picture/Mirror Box5 CF

Box Measurements: 37" L X 4" W X 2" 7 H

Pictures, mirrors, paintings, glass tabletops, small pieces of marble. These items should be wrapped in bubble wrap, or tissue paper before being boxed.

Wardrobe Box15 CF

Box Measurements: 24" L X 24" W X 48" H

Hanging clothes, suits, dresses, formal wear, long coats. The bottom can be used for shoes, and other smaller, lighter objects.

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