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Quality that you can easily quantify

How can a cross country mover's
Quality be objectively measured

Establishing objective parameters to measure move "Quality".
In order to establish objective move "Quality" parameters, let us first address
your 3 most major concerns when choosing a cross country mover:

1) You want to be assured that your possessions will arrive safely?
2) You want to be assured that your possessions will be delivered on time?
3) You want to be assured that you're in trustworthy hands?

Do those 3 concerns ring true?

Simple Objective "Quality" gauges
In order to measure the quality of a cross country mover in respect to the 3 concerns established above, you need to be provided with objective measuring gauges, just like you know your car's speed or engine temperature, by simply looking at the gauges on your car dashboard.

As for the first concern "You want to be assured that your possessions will arrive safely"; The following measuring gauge is being provided to you: "Possessions Safety" gauge.

As for the second concern "You want to be assured that your possessions will be delivered on time"; The following measuring gauge is being provided to you: "Delivery time frame Guarantee" gauge.

As for the third concern "You want to be assured that you're in trustworthy hands";
The following measuring gauge is being provided to you: If over time our clients' possessions arrive safely; and on time - It literally means that you are in trustworthy hands! Meaning, the first two gauges combined serve also as your "Trust gauge".

Important: Make sure you compare apples to apples
In some client's minds, "moving" is "moving", meaning that local and cross country moving companies are "the same". However, they are not the same, for the obvious reason that a local move is way less complex than a cross country move. Therefore, although there are some aspects which correlate between the two, in reality, these are almost two different professions. Some movers do both local and cross country moves - however, these are two separate departments inside their company, and are not equal in quality.

When choosing a cross country mover, there are two basic practices that you want to avoid; the first is your mover using 3rd party subcontractors, and the second is if your mover delivers in many other states along the continent before he gets to deliver in your state. With these two practices, the move quality will most likely be compromised.

Possessions Safety Gauge

Moving and Safety - Broad Perspective
In the same way that most car travel is safe, most cross country moves are safe when proper precautions are taken. In both cases, a certain percentage of accidents do happen. It's simply life! Every moving company has a claims rating with their moving insurance provider/s. Choosing a mover at the top of these ratings, and purchasing moving insurance, are two effective ways to reduce some of the "headache" involved in any cross country move.

Moving companies and Moving Insurance - Broad Perspective
In the entire US there are about 7000 moving companies. Some companies have a few branches, therefore, all together there are about 14,000 moving companies branches in the US. Only three major insurance companies are selling insurance dedicated to the moving market. We work with two of these companies - Baker International & Both companies together insure between 4000 to 4500 moving companies. This means that based on the number of "Moving Companies" (Not the number of "Moving Companies Branches"), almost two thirds of the moving insurance market is shared by these two companies.

Developing an Objective industry "Safety Gauge"
Since an official objective industry "Safety Gauge" doesn't exist yet, we had to develop one. For that purpose we approached the two moving insurance companies we work with, Baker International, and, and asked them which criteria they go by when evaluating the risk for each moving company they insure. Turns out their main criteria for evaluating a moving company's insurance risk is simple and logical: "Amount of claims filed / Per policies sold".

Each company has its own quality pattern
The idea is simple - Over time, each moving company has a performance pattern which cannot be "faked". Either a company performs quality work, or not! The assumption is simple: for a moving company that performs quality work over time "The amount of claims filed, Per policies sold", will obviously be lower than of a company which performs poorly. Meaning that your possessions are safer in the hands of companies with better "quality patterns''. As our quality performance pattern with both insurance companies is nothing short of excellent, we naturally requested to get it in writing; and we did!

We take pride in our trade!
You may want to take into account the fact that our stellar rating with both insurance companies is the result of a few decades of experience and hard work doing one thing, and one thing only: Moving from NY to CA & back.

Presented before you are the official
letters from both insurance companies

Most Claims Are About Boxes - PBO Vs. BP

PBO - Packed by owner: Many boxes are damaged due to unprofessional packing by the owners. Watching our packing video guide and packing tips, will lower the chance of your boxes being damaged along their 2700-mile journey.

BP - Box packing service by CA - NY Express: Our experience allows us to professionally pack each box. It does not mean that now boxes are fully "Damage proof", but it does lower the odds. Professional packing is an investment in safety and convenience.

Valuation vs. Insurance

Note that moving companies can only offer Basic/Released Valuation, not insurance, only an insurance company can offer insurance; Click here to know more. However, whether choosing valuation or insurance; we ask to assure you that our quality performance pattern stays consistent regardless.

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Shannon L.
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Movers who packed my things up in NY were great. I was also very impressed with how clear everything was, how fast the move coordinator Eric was with getting back to me. Read more testimonials

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Terrific experience with Andres and his team. They were quick, efficient and very knowledgeable. Read more testimonials

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Ria B.
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