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In order to give you the appropriate numbers,
we need to know your specific needs first.

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Pricing Your Move

We understand you want to see a number here. We could put a number here, but we won't. Any moving company who writes "average numbers" on their website is simply misleading.

Allow us to explain...
We often get asked questions like, "how much is it to move a one bedroom?"

Well, your "one bedroom" contains completely different items than another person's "one bedroom." So how can we answer how much would it cost to move a one bedroom without taking an accurate list of your items?

In order to give you the appropriate numbers, we need to know your specific needs first.

Onsite Estimate


For moves above a certain amount of items, we offer a free no obligation onsite estimate. This service can help you determine your exact list of items to ship. Simply ask for an onsite estimate and one of our friendly team members will meet you at your property. He will create a thorough inventory list of all your items and will walk you through the full moving process.

What Your Price Is Based On


All moving companies base their price on either volume or weight. There is no other method.

Volume - measuring the space your items occupy in a moving truck. Weight - the weight of your total shipment.

In order to determine your shipment volume or weight, all moving companies use the same official DOT chart containing standard household goods weight and volume.

What's a Guaranteed Price Quote


1) We take a detailed list of your items, and from there we calculate the total volume of your shipment. The volume is then multiplied by a fixed rate.

2) We then add any wrapping materials or packing services you might need (items must be packed and wrapped properly in order to survive a cross country journey. The more you pack and wrap on your own, the more money you will save).

1 + 2 = Your price guarantee

ATTENTION - When comparing moving companies, make sure to compare the list of items. Many times you will find that the reason one company's price is more attractive than others is because some items are not on their list, which leads to a "lower price," but when moving day arrives you will pay for them. So when comparing prices - start by comparing lists of items.

Possible Additional Charges


Your sales representative will be able to explain in person or by phone any other possible charges that might apply to you. Possible additional charges include extra boxes and furniture items you want to add or subtract, a difficult property setup you might be moving from or to, building a custom crate for that one of a kind art piece, or any other special requirements you might have.

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