Getting An Estimate For Your Move From Los Angeles to New York City

Getting An Estimate For Your Move From Los Angeles to New York City

Moving from LA to NYC! Two of the finest cities in the United States, often compared by Angelenos and New Yorkers, battling out which is the better city.

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Getting An Estimate For Your Move From Los Angeles to New York City

If you’re fortunate enough to get to live in both of these metropolitan cities, you can participate in this national debate. Until then, you’ll first need to find out costs, and get an estimate for moving from Los Angeles to New York City.

What is an estimate?

accurate moving estimateAn estimate is an approximate calculation. In the moving industry, an estimate is created based on the size of the shipment (how much stuff you will be moving) and any services that may be required. This will then determine the approximate cost (estimate) to have your items transported when you move from LA to NYC. In most cases, moving estimates are rarely the same. Each move is different, with each customer often requiring a variety of diverse services. An estimate will reflect these individual requirements.

Having an estimate is a great tool, to help you make important decisions about how you will move your belongings from Los Angeles to New York City. Receiving at least three estimates from reputable moving companies is highly advised for a long distance move.

How to get an estimate?

There are a few ways an estimate can be received. Firstly, contact long distance moving companies in Los Angeles and depending on the size and needs of your move, they will determine the best way for you to get an estimate.

In home estimate – All reputable moving companies are able to provide an in home estimate, and most provide this service free of charge. A representative of the moving company will come to your home and estimate the cost of your move; based on visually seeing all the items you’ll be moving. There are many benefits of getting an in home estimate, also known as an on-site. Additionally, it is the most accurate way to receive a quote. Any extra services will be added onto the estimate. If you will be moving a small amount of stuff, having an in home estimate might not be needed. However, if you want the accuracy, scheduling an in home estimate is a great option.

Online and telephone quotes – Getting an estimate online, or over the telephone is a great option if you’re moving a small amount of things, or, if you’re not available to have an in home estimate. When receiving a quote online, or over the phone, in most cases, it will not be as accurate as having an in home estimate. You are responsible to provide as thorough information as you can to the online or phone representative, so that they can prepare the most accurate estimate, based on the information you have provided.

What should be included in the estimate?

Los Angeles and New York City are two worlds apart and the most densely populated cities in the United States. Metropolitan Los Angeles is spread over 4,800 square miles, with a population of around 10 million, coming second after New York City. The houses and apartments in Los Angeles are all pretty good sizes. New York City is 300 square miles, with a population of around 8.4 million, the most densely populated city in the United States. The majority of apartments are smaller than what you’ll be used to in Los Angeles.
When getting estimates to move your items from Los Angeles to New York City, a few things should be included:

Inventory – If you don’t have measurements of your new home in New York City, its possible to get more than one estimate. One with all the items you would like to move, and one with items you know will fit into your new home. If you can travel to New York City and take measurements of your new home, than you’ll know exactly what items from your Los Angeles home will fit and which will not fit, helping you to calculate your moving costs.

Packing and unpacking – If you would like the moving company to pack your belongings in Los Angeles and unpack in New York City, this service should be included on your estimates.

Additional services – Due to the smaller scale of things in New York City, you might need additional services such as:

• Flight Charge – Many homes in Los Angeles are on ground level, however, in New York City, it’s common to have walk-ups. If you’re moving company needs to carry your belongings above a certain number of flights, you are required to pay an additional fee. If you know beforehand how many flights of stairs there are, it can be included in the estimate.

• Long carry - If the moving truck cannot park close to your home in either Los Angeles or New York City, you’ll be charged a fee for every 75 feet from where the truck is parked, to your home. An in home estimate in Los Angeles will determine whether long carry is required.

• Hoisting – If you’ll be moving items from Los Angeles that won’t fit through the smaller buildings in New York City, than they’ll need to be hoisted through a window. If you know building measurements in New York City, this fee, if applicable, can be added to your estimate.

What kind of estimate will I get?

Moving to NYC from LA is a long distance move. Common estimates given are: Non Binding, Binding, or Binding Not to Exceed. Each type of estimate provides something a little different, giving you the option to choose the best type of estimate for your move.

Non-binding – The moving company will provide an estimate based on what you plan to move. Come moving day, once the actual size of your items has been calculated, either by volume, or by weight, the actual cost will then be determined. You are responsible to pay the total amount, whether it is less, or more than the original estimate.

Binding – Could also be called a fixed price. With this type of estimate you agree to pay what has been quoted on the provided estimate. Come moving day, if the total cost of your shipment is in fact less, or more, you are still obligated to pay the agreed price from the original binding estimate. This type of estimate is good if you need to know in advance the exact cost.

Binding not to exceed – These are also commonly known as guaranteed estimates, as you will not pay anything above the estimated price. Come moving day, once the total cost has been calculated, you will be responsible for paying whichever price is less. These types of estimates are a preference with many people moving from Los Angeles, CA to New York City, as the final cost may in fact be less than the original estimate.

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