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Extra Services

What extra services are, and why they’re an additional service?

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Extra Services

When hiring a reputable moving company, you can trust that they will deliver your items to the new destination. In addition to transporting your belongings, moving companies also offer a variety of extra services, also know as accessorial services. Some of these services you will request, while some others may be required at both the pick up and delivery destination.

The majority of these services can only be done by professionals, therefore the moving company you hire will charge a fee for any services performed. All services agreed upon will be outlined on your bill of lading prior to having your items picked up. In the event that some of these services will need to be executed outside of your agreement with the moving company, due to unforeseen circumstances, it’s a good idea to know what you are being charged for. Know the Moving Terminology that will be used should you require any extra services.

Additional Services

Packing and unpacking – When you hire professional packers, the fee will have been calculated into the estimate ahead of time. Come moving day, if there are any last minute changes, or items that have not been accounted for, you might find you will need to pay extra. extra. Should You Hire Professional Packers

Custom packing can be provided for art and other valuable items, such as televisions that do not fit into the standard moving boxes.

In addition to packing, you can also hire professionals to unpack your belongings. For an extra fee, they will unpack, put away all your items and remove all packing materials.

Bulky items – It is often the case that bulky items are heavy, awkward to pack and laborious to move. Bulky items include: Pianos, pool tables, safes, big screen televisions, motorcycles etc.

Expedited service – Guaranteed delivery is available with most moving companies. If you request this service, you may be charged an additional set fee, or a higher rate. 

Stairs – If your movers need to lift and carry your furniture and belongings up or down stairs, it is probable that you will have to pay a flight charge. Moving companies differ in the way they charge, so make sure you are clear on what is considered a flight of stairs.

Elevator – If you live in a building with an elevator, and the moving company needs to use it in order to take down, or take up your belongings, you may be charged an extra fee. Not all moving companies charge for using the elevator, so be sure to make it clear which floor you live on. If you receive an in home estimate, the company representative will see the surroundings, and include it in your quote. If you do not know where you will be moving too, you may also incur this fee at the time of delivery. Some HOA’s require a deposit to reserve elevators. Make sure to check with your HOA or management company if any fees apply for move in/move out.

Split pickup and delivery – You may request to have your items picked up from different locations or delivered to different locations. Moving companies are happy to accommodate these situations for an extra fee.

Long carry – A fee will be charged if the movers need to carry your furniture and belongings over a certain distance, from the truck to your home. This scenario is very common in crowded areas and cities. Ask your moving company how far they will carry before they charge the long carry fee.

Obtaining a parking permit from your local city for the moving truck could eliminate a long carry fee, however, make sure you are aware of any parking restrictions on your street as any tickets received will be applied to your bill.

Shuttle service – Also referred to, as auxiliary service, is when your residence is not accessible to the large moving truck and the movers are not able to pick up or deliver without using a smaller vehicle. Many cities and some areas have restrictions and regulations on the size and weight of vehicles, therefore a shuttle service will need to be used. Several trips may need to be made, depending on the size and location of your move.

Waiting or re-delivery – You will be charged an extra fee if you are not able to accept your shipment on the agreed date and time. The fee is usually calculated hourly. If your shipment needs to be re-delivered a 2nd time, you will be charged a re-delivery fee. Additional fees may apply if your items need to be stored in the interim.

Storage in transit (SIT) – If your belongings need to be stored for any specific amount of time, you will be billed for the duration your items are in storage. Some moving companies offer free storage for a set amount of time. Make sure to let your company know prior to booking your move that you will require storage. In some cases, you may also be charged a warehouse handling fee and final delivery fee.

Make sure to ask your moving company if there are any other fees that may be applied. You have the right to be informed and knowledgeable about all potential fees that may add to the cost of your move.

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Shannon L.
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