packing practices and advice

Packing Practices And Advice

Common Things People Forget to Pack When Moving - Try as we might, we may very well forget things when we are packing our home ahead of a move. By proper planning and keeping track of goods and materials, the odds are less likely that we leave behind something that should have been obvious.

First Day Essentials - Once you get to your new location, it may be a day or so before you are sufficiently unpacked to be able to start living out of your home. Having a few essentials set aside to tide your over during that settling in time can prove to be invaluable.

How to Move a Business Office - Most offices need to remain up and functional for as long as possible, so make those plans accordingly when getting ready for a move. Placing it near the end of your packing timeline allows you to continue to do needed business right up until the last minute.

How to Pack a Bathroom - Packing a bathroom can be tricky, as there are certain items that you may need even after it is done. Making sure you pack only what is needed, and taking care of yourself and your family in the interim, will make for a much more pleasant moving experience.

How to Pack a Bedroom - Much like the bathroom, there are bedroom items that may need to be held out until the move is completed. Determine what you need, and for how long, before boxing everything up for the truck. Doing so keeps your household functional during the process.

How to Pack a Dining Room - Dining rooms probably have the most items to be packed of any one room, and some of which may be breakables. By starting small and working up, you can quickly and efficiently pack away your dining area days ahead of the move with little to no trouble.

How to Pack a Flat Screen TV for Moving - Flat screens are delicate units that can be damaged or destroyed by poor packaging. Make sure you have all the materials needed, and follow packing instructions to the letter to make sure you arrive at your destination all in one piece and ready for the Sunday game or movie night!

How to Pack a Garage for Moving - If you’re preparing for a move, and your garage has become a messy storage space of unused items, instead of a place to house your car, it becomes important to properly plan when and how you will pack up items stored in your garage.

How to Pack a Home Office - Home offices, like business offices, often have to remain up and functioning for as long as possible. So make sure that breaking down your home office and packing everything away comes a little later in the packing process, just so you don’t lose valuable business.

How to Pack a Living Room - Living rooms may contain all kinds of various items, from the valuable to the mundane. Proper inventorying of this room is vital, and all items should be listed and boxes labeled. Planning ahead allows you to begin enjoying life in your new home that much sooner.

How to Pack for a Move, Some Basics - Packing for any move, large or small, is similar in one aspect, the devil is in the details. Proper planning and organization will make the move run much smoother and eliminate much of the stress associated with a relocation. Start with one room on day one, and move from there.

How to Pack Your Kitchen - Along with the dining room, the kitchen may have numerous items both large and small that need to be packed away. Determining what you need to keep and what can be thrown away is also advised. Packing the kitchen also makes a great excuse to patronize your favorite restaurant!

Non Allowable Items - Non-allowable is a term used within the moving industry for items that cannot be transported by professional movers. Friends and family, or local industries will be happy to take some of the non- allowable items. Many of them can also be recycled.

Packing for an International Move - When moving internationally, it’s very important to understand that it can often take weeks, even months for your belongings to travel overseas. With this in mind, and dependent on your moving needs, you’ll want to give yourself as much time as possible to begin organizing and packing for your international move.

Packing Supplies and Materials for a Move - When preparing and packing for a move, we underestimate the tools and preparation needed for the task. Some are basics/essential, while others will be relevant depending on your move. If you will be doing your own packing, make a list of everything you will need prior to purchasing packing supplies.

Should you Hire Professional Packers - Whether this is your first move or your 50th, the question of whether or not to hire professional packers remains. Is this a project that you have the time and patience for? In many cases, it may just be easier and more practical to let the pros handle it.

Unpacking Your Home After the Move - Once you are ready to unpack, being organized is always a sure way to help have a smooth experience and get things done efficiently. And remember, not everything has to get unpacked immediately. Enjoy at your own pace, finding each object, or piece of furniture a new home.

How To Have An Eco-Friendly Move - Moving, whether it is locally or long distance, generally requires the use of a lot of fuel, materials and manpower. How you plan and execute your move can be part of a bigger impact we take to move forward with eco-friendly moving.

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Shannon L.
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