how to pack a dining room

How To Pack A Dining Room

Pack your fine china safely to move cross country

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How To Pack A Dining Room

The dining room is the most common room for entertaining guests with a formal meal. Usually, the dining room is sparsely furnished. It may however house some of your finer dinnerware. All the contents of this room require extra care when packing.


First thing, go through all the items that reside in the dining room. Start with the small things, such as chinaware, glasses and your other dining artifacts. Discard of anything that is no longer needed.

Set aside all the items to be packed. You can use your dining table as your packing station; just make sure to protect it.

Packing Materials

Make sure to have plenty of packing supplies before you begin. You will need an assortment of different sized boxes including:

  • Small boxes (16 x 12 x 12) – for smaller lampshades, lamp base, picture frames, linens and other decorative items
  • Medium boxes (18 x 18 x 16) – for smaller lampshades, lamp base, picture frames, linens and other decorative items
  • Large boxes (18 x 18 x 24) – for larger lampshades, bases and linens
  • Tissue Paper for fragile glasses
  • Cell Kits (18 x 18)
  • Ziploc bags or plastic bags (variety of sizes)– these can be used for hardware (nuts, bolts, screws)
  • Packing/Sealing tape
  • Marker labels
  • Bubble wrap
  • Blankets (or furniture pads) – For Do it yourself moves. If hiring a moving company, these will be supplied.


Begin by packing the most fragile items first, such as:

  • Glasses
  • Dinnerware
  • Decanters
  • Candle holders

China and glassware should be wrapped individually, using multiple pieces of your wrapping paper.

Packing Glassware

Packing glasses and stemware into cell boxes will reduce breakage. Take time when packing fragile glassware.

  • Using several sheets of tissue paper, gently stuff the interior of the glass making sure to not press too hard
  • Lay out several sheets of tissue paper and using 2-3 pieces, gently wrap the glass
  • Wrap the glass in a piece of the packing paper and gently fold the ends of the paper down around the globe and stem, carefully molding it to the glass. Add a 2nd sheet of packing paper using the same technique
  • Place the glass into one of the cells, stem first. Gently pack tissue or bubble wrap into any open spaces
  • After you fill each cell and the box is full, place bubble wrap or tissue paper on top of the packed stemware to ensure there's no room for movement
  • Secure the flaps and then gently shake the box. If the box rattles, there are some gaps that need to be filled
  • Mark the box "FRAGILE"

Packing Silverware

Silver and flatware can tarnish easily, make sure each piece is wrapped in plastic wrap, then again in wrapping paper.

When packing silver flatware, they can be wrapped as a group or kept in their original storage chest/box. If the flatware will be transported in the original box, make sure it is securely closed and wrap it in bubble wrap before wrapping in paper or using some of your linens such as a dishtowel for extra protection.

Wrap silver bowls, and serving dishes individually with clean wrapping paper.

Pack Lamps And Other Decorative Items

You may have freestanding accent lamps, and other décor items to be packed.

When packing lamps, pack the lampshade and the base separately. Remove light bulbs and either discard or pack separately.


Using several pieces of packing paper or a soft towel, line a box that is slightly bigger than the biggest lampshade. Wrap each lampshade individually with packing paper. Be sure to use plain paper, newsprint will rub off on certain surfaces, such as lampshades. If you will be placing more than one lampshade in the box, be sure to place the smallest one first, then, nest the larger ones on top. Fill any spaces with bubble wrap or wrapping paper. Make sure the box closes effortlessly to ensure the lampshades do not get pushed once box is being taped. Label boxes with the contents and mark "FRAGILE".

Lamp Bases

Finding the right size box may be challenging due to the size and shape of the lamp bases. If you have some that are longer or shaped irregularly, you can use wardrobe boxes to pack lamp bases.

Wrap the cord along the base of the lamp and secure the plug into the cord. On a flat surface, or your dining table, place the lamp on a large piece of bubble wrap. Tape around the bubble wrap and fold the edges over both the top and bottom to ensure the whole lamp is covered. A second layer can be added, for long distance moves, this is recommended.

If the lamps are able to fit into boxes comfortably, base down, make sure that there is enough padding and protection that they will not shift during transit. If there is enough room for another lamp base, create a gap between them using extra bubble wrap or packing paper. You can also fill any empty spaces the same way. Mark boxes as “FRAGILE” and “THIS END UP” and label the contents.

Specialty Lamps

If you will be moving any lamp that does not fit into a box, or a large floor lamp, inquire with your moving company how best to pack these items. For chandeliers, you will need a special box, or have a professional pack it as they damage easily.

Pictures And Artwork

Smaller pictures and frames can be wrapped in packing paper or brown paper, which is thicker. Depending on how many and the size of the picture frame, you can use a small or medium box. For larger pictures and artwork, it is best to pack each piece separately in a picture/mirror box.

Preparing The Furniture

If you will be moving any cabinets or drawers, make sure that all the doors and drawers are securely closed so that they do not open during the move causing damage. If you are hiring a professional moving company, they will shrink-wrap any large pieces. This is recommended for any of the furniture that has glass doors.

Table leaves and legs should be removed when possible and wrapped individually. Towels and linens can be used to protect these fragile pieces of furniture. Any nuts, bolts or screws that are removed from any piece of furniture should be secured in a plastic bag and taped to the underside of the table or inside of any cabinet.

Once you are unpacked and have your dining room set up again in your new home, you can look forward to enjoying a meal with old, and new friends.

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