how to move a business office

How To Move A Business Office

Packing tips for moving your business office

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How To Move A Business Office

Moving a business differs from moving a home. However, just like moving a home (or a house) requires thorough planning, so does the relocation of a business office.

Plan The Move

Allowing at least 4 – 6 months planning time for an office move is advised, when possible. This time frame depends on the size of the business, the space and the amount of employees, if any. Create a Moving Timeline that will allow you to see the tasks and goals that need to be completed within a certain time frame. Depending on the size of the company, you might want to involve additional team members when planning the timeline.

If the business will be relocating to a new space, try to obtain the blueprints or layout of the area. This way you can see the location of electrical outlets, and any areas that may present problems. Any potential obstacles can be addressed and resolved ahead of time, allowing you to plan the new layout of the office space and make delivery easy.

Organizing Employees

If your business move will involve employees, choose individuals that can help coordinate all the moving components, and motivate the rest of the team to create a successful relocation of the business. When packing up their individual belongings and work documents and supplies, make sure it is clear whom these items belong to. This can be done by writing their name numerous times on each box with a marker. Or by having an organized labeling system set up, which will be especially beneficial if the move will entail a large-scale staff. Having a delivery plan in place prior to delivery day will assist a smooth delivery of each employee’s belongings.

The IT Team

There is probably nothing more important than ensuring everything is backed up. If someone else is in charge of this department, provide them as much notice as possible to start planning and preparing the technical side of the move.

Will You Be Hiring A Moving Company Or Moving Yourself?

If you will be hiring a professional moving company to transport and deliver the items, make sure to receive at least three Estimates from reputable moving companies. For guidelines on finding reputable companies, check out How to Choose a Moving Company. Start collecting quotes 2 – 3 months prior to the estimated move date and make sure any company you are considering has experience with commercial moves.

If you plan to move yourself, start the packing process early. Begin by packing items that are not used regularly. It is very common to underestimate the time it takes to pack and sort through things. If you have created a Moving Timeline or Moving Checklist, refer to it regularly to keep yourself on track and check off tasks completed.


Before packing and moving all the office equipment, have a sort through. Now is a good time to get rid of any unused or broken items. There are a variety of organizations Where to Donate Items Before Moving.

Computer cables – Cables should be removed to avoid damage. When there are multiple cables for one piece of equipment, make sure they are removed one at time and untangled before being packed. Label them clearly. Placing them in a Ziploc bag is a good idea. This way they are clear to see.

Computers and computer monitors – If you have the original boxes for the computers and monitors, packing them up in these boxes is best, as they come with special protection. Otherwise, wrapping computers and monitors individually in bubble wrap and secured with tape is advised. Moving blankets can also be used.

Electronics – Like computers and monitors, if you have kept the original boxes and packaging, use these to pack any printers, scanners, fax machines etc. If you do not have the original packaging, make sure to tape down any lids and remove printer cartridges (pack and label the cartridges) and wrap in bubble wrap secured with tape. Follow any specific instructions for each piece of equipment to prevent damage.

Remember to clearly label each computer, monitor and piece of equipment!


Whether you hire a moving company or move yourself, make sure you have insurance. Always inquire about your Moving Insurance options and what is covered.

Preparing The New Space

If you plan to redesign or decorate the new office, take the timing of this into consideration when preparing your Moving Timeline. If you will be ordering new furniture or equipment, make sure to coordinate delivery just before the official move in date.

Update Your Contact Information

Your contact details will need to be changed and updated in numerous places. You will need to inform clients, vendors and suppliers. The company website, business cards, letterhead, banks, creditors, utility companies, will all need to be updated. Make a list of everyone and everywhere that will need to be informed of the change. You might want to assign this task to one individual. As with a residential move, you will need to file a Change of Address with the post office.

Moving a business office can be a large endeavor, but just like moving a home, once completed, you can enjoy new beginnings for your business.

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