how to pack a garage for moving

How To Pack A Garage For Moving

How to organize the garage in preparation for your move

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How To Pack A Garage For Moving

Garage "a building or shed for housing a motor vehicle or vehicles."

In the US, around 82% of homes have a 2 car garage, however, only 15% of these homes use the garage to house their vehicle or vehicles. Most say that their garage is too full and cluttered to fit a car.

If you’re preparing for a move, and your garage has become a messy storage space of unused items, instead of a place to house your car, here are some tips to help simplify the clearing out process.


First thing that needs to be done is to sort through the items and decide what to keep, discard or donate. For some, this can seem like a huge project, however, like many things, beginning is the hardest part. Soon enough, your garage will be organized and ready to pack up. Your car might even get to enjoy the garage before the move.

Have A Garage Sale

Having a pre-moving garage sale can be a good idea if you have some items worth selling. Many things get placed in the garage, as they are no longer needed or used. Hosting a garage sale could save you time, having to drive to donation drop-offs, and might make you a little extra cash. If there are some things remaining, these can be given to friends, family or donated.

Assemble Your Moving Supplies

Once you have completed clearing out the garage, you can begin assembling all your Packing Supplies and Materials to begin packing up the remaining items. The garage could also serve as a packing station when packing up all the other rooms in the house.

Often, some of the items in the garage can be bulky, heavy and oddly shaped. There might be an assortment of tools, gardening equipment, stuff for the beach, and exercise equipment etc. These items will require heavy-duty boxes and padding for protection. Moving blankets, or linens, such as towels can be used. Regular packing boxes can be used for lighter items.

Safety When Packing The Garage

In addition to some of the items being heavy and oddly shaped, there is also a possibility that some items could cause injury. Making sure everyone is safe while packing these items, and ensuring they are packed well for the duration of the move is essential.

  • Drain oil or gas from tools and lawnmowers
  • Wrap any sharp gardening tools, such as shovels and rakes with bubble wrap or towels. Wrap with tape or twine, with the handles in the same direction. Then wrap altogether in a moving blanket
  • When possible pack power tools in original box. Remove any detachable parts to avoid damage
  • It’s advised to keep any small tools in a toolbox that can be locked during transit

Make sure to keep all hardware together from any items that are taken apart. If there is not an original box, place any nails, or screws in Ziploc bags and label clearly. When possible, also attach to corresponding item.


Professional movers are not permitted to transport certain items. If you hire a moving company to transport your belongings, make sure you receive a list of Non-Allowable Items. Some of the items on the list might be things that are kept in your garage.

Label The Boxes

If there are items that need to go back into the garage once they reach the new destination, clearly label these boxes with “GARAGE”, to ensure they are delivered to the correct place.

Pack Some Essentials

There are some items from the garage that you might need once you arrive at your new home. Pack a box with some basic tools, such as a drill, hammer, screwdriver, tape measure along with any other necessary items. Remember to clearly label this box, as you will want it to be readily available.

Now that the garage is organized and only what’s needed has been packed, perhaps in your new home, the car will get to spend time in the space that was specifically designed for housing cars.

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