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Credit Card Agreement

Credit Card Agreement

More about our credit card agreement.

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Credit Card Agreement

Agreement between California New York Express Moving (CNYXM) & the Credit Card Holder/Shipper.

* Important Note: Any attempt to withhold money is considered theft of services and will be represented and executed to the full extent of the law.

Cardholder hereby agrees to abide by all rules, regulations, rates and charges in California New York Express Moving currently effective and applicable published tariffs including but not limited to the following terms and conditions.

(A) The shipper, upon tender of the shipment to CNYXM and the consignee, upon acceptance of delivery of the shipment from CNYXM, shall be liable, jointly and severally, for all the unpaid applicable tariffs including, but not limited to the sums advanced or disbursed by CNYXM on account of such shipment, the extension of credit to either shipper or consignee for such unpaid charges shall not thereby discharge the obligation of the other party to pay such charges in the event the party to whom the credit has been extended shall fail to pay such charges.

(B) The shipper shall indemnify CNYXM against loss or damage caused by inclusion in the shipment of explosives, improperly packed or dangerous articles of goods.

I further agree that should any controversy or dispute arise between SHIPPER and CALIFORNIA NEW YORK EXPRESS MOVING, CNYXM, due to, but not limited to, loss and/or damage, injury or delay, shall not prevent and/or hamper process in accordance with the federal motor carrier safety administration.

I hereby understand that by accepting this form I may in fact be waving certain rights that are in effect and that may exist between cardholder and credit card company and that this form will supersede any such agreement.

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