potential charges

Potential Charges

Charges below are applied by all moving companies. When comparing quotes make sure to also compare these. Please inform your relocation consultant if you think any of these services are relevant to your move - both at pickup & delivery locations.

Attention - Stairs and Long Carry are the most common charges

Stairs: Charge applies from the 21st step and up, by sets of 20: fee is waived for 15 items or less* (*normal size/weight items, up to 40 stairs), 16 items to 350 cf = $100, between 351cf & 700cf = $150, 701 cf & up = $180. From the 41st step and up, additional charge of $50/$50/$75/$90 (based on cf) will apply per each extra 20 steps. If applicable, charges will be assessed and applied by foreman on move day (Count starts from ground floor). Anything above 6th floor is considered extreme, and will require special office approval and additional fee.

Long Carry: Charge applies when distance between our truck and your Apt/home/office/storage unit's front door is greater than 120 feet. Charge guidelines: fee is waived for 15 items or less (if over 240 feet in distance $75 charge will apply). 16 items to 350 cf = $100, between 351cf & 700cf = $150, 701 cf & up = $180. If over 240 feet, additional charge of $50/$75/$90 (based on cf) will apply per each extra 120 feet. If applicable, charges will be assessed and applied by foreman on move day.

Parking Space Reservation: Please do your best to reserve a parking space for our truck on move day (approx. 35ft.+), contact your local city hall for more info (NYC does not offer parking reservation permits). If a proper parking spot will not be available on move day, our driver will discuss alternative options with you. If a parking citation is issued, CNYX is to be reimbursed by the customer.

Travel 31 Miles & Over: An additional travel fee of $3 per mile will be charged when your pickup and/or delivery location address is 31 miles & over from our local branch warehouse - zip codes (NJ 07073 / SF 94124 / LA 90201). The charge is calculated one-way, from our branch location to your door. Attention: we only deliver within 150 miles radius from our NY/LA/SF branches. If your final destination is outside of this radius you might want to book with a different company. Make sure to read our delivery policies at Moveeast.com/delivery-policies.

Special Items: Some items require additional care or special handling. For such items (like pianos or motorcycles for example) an additional charge of $250/item will apply. Consult with your estimator for pricing of articles requiring crating or other specialized treatments, as these charges will vary.

Multiple Pickup/Delivery Locations: $150 will apply for each additional location. Travel charge will apply on top if any of the locations is over 30 miles radius; calculating the miles based on distance between our branch and the farthest location.

Tips: As in the restaurant business, tips are customary in the moving industry as well. If you choose to tip, it is best to tip each crew member personally. Average amounts range from 4% - 6% of the total move cost - to the crew on each side (Pick up side & Delivery side) - but also they depend on your generosity and the crew's work quality & move size. Under no circumstances should you feel pushed to give a tip, if you sense the slightest pressure, please contact us immediately!

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