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Why Do People Move To LA From NYC?

Why Do People Move To LA From NYC?

The West Coast, especially California has a lure to it that attracts many of the East Coast folk. It seems there are many good reasons why people are moving to LA from NYC

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Reasons To Move To LA From NYC

Weather ask anyone why he or she are moving, or moved to Los Angeles from New York City, and guaranteed, his or her first answer will be because of the weather. It is common knowledge that the temperatures in Los Angeles throughout the year are mild to hot, with a rainy season February thru April. If you like the weather of the Mediterranean, you will appreciate the climate of Los Angeles.

Space Los Angeles has plenty of space compared with New York City. LA is a “sprawling” city. To some and as the definition states, it is spread out in an unnatural manner. However, this vast amount of sprawling LA space has appeal to many New Yorkers needing to exhale from the denseness of NYC.

moving from LA to NYCNature From every direction, the urban jungle of Los Angeles is surrounded by nature. Mountain views are visible from almost all major freeway routes. And it’s not only the beaches and mountains of Los Angeles that make this city so attractive to nature lovers.   It’s proximity to some of California’s finest nature is so easily accessible from all of Los Angeles. Within a few hours you can be in some incredible spots, such as: Ojai, Mammoth, Big Sur, and Joshua Tree, to name a few. For anyone who enjoys being with nature, Los Angeles has it all.

Clean living Many New Yorkers are very serious about living a healthy lifestyle, however, healthy living in Los Angeles is such the norm, that its hard to not want to jump on the clean living bandwagon. Angelenos believe that clean living is more than just exercising and healthy eating. When you’re moving from NYC to LA you’ll notice that many people who consciously live a clean lifestyle, will also incorporate sustainable living in and around their home. With luck, this can often mean peaceful neighbors!

Family Los Angeles is great if you have a young family. The weather permits year round outdoors activity. There are playgrounds everywhere and the beaches and other outdoor family friendly excursions are easily accessible. There are also a lot of classes and activities to fulfill any child’s interest. Moving With Your Kids to Los Angeles will be one of the best things you do, as New York is a playground and creative center predominantly for adults.

Is Los Angeles really more relaxed than New York City?


New York is a very fast paced city, and the pressure can often be felt by some of the inhabitants. The weather can also have an impact on how we feel, and in New York City the weather can at times be pretty harsh. In Los Angeles, one never really needs to worry about the weather, and the city has its own time zone, making it a very laid back city, except of course for the traffic, which can at times be extremely frustrating, even for laid back Angelenos. Although Los Angeles traffic has a bad reputation, it could be used as an opportunity to chill out and watch the sunset, for example, from your car. Simple things just seem to be a lot easier in Los Angeles!

When is the best time to move to Los Angeles?

Because the weather in Los Angeles is pleasant most of the year, this might not be an essential factor to consider when deciding the best time of year to move. However, its good to bear in mind that July, August and September are the hottest months in Los Angeles. Families tend to move June-August as children are out of school for summer vacation. If you will be relocating and looking for work, autumn/fall is a good time to move as more opportunities become available within the job market. Another thing to consider are rental prices, fall and winter is the best time to find good prices on homes, as rents tend to be lower during the colder winter months.

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