April 22, 2021
What is a small load? A small load is when the total weight of items being moved is below the minimum weight established by commercial van lines. A move that is below 1000 pounds is considered a small load. If you’re planning to hire a professional moving company to transport your belongings, but fall below the minimum weight, how do you move small loads across country? There are professional moving companies that specialize in moving…
April 21, 2021
Need to move in a hurry? Knowing that it can be accomplished in a short time frame will give you the power to be ready for the movers on time. How do I move the last minute? The key to any successful move is organization! This is especially important if you need to move at a moment’s notice. You might be asking how can I move in one week? How do I pack and move…
April 20, 2021
If you’re planning on doing a DIY move using a rental truck, its important that prior to moving day you know how to load a moving truck. How long does it take for moving trucks to load? This depends on how many people will be loading, and how much stuff needs to be loaded onto the truck. If you’re hiring professionals, than loading time could be between 1 to 4 hours, maybe longer, depending on…
March 30, 2021
Did you know that a move within the same state could either be a local or intrastate move? When determining which type of move you’re doing, whether its local or intrastate, knowing what is considered a local move and what is an intrastate move will help you to understand how to plan and how different moving companies work when doing local and intrastate moves. For many moving companies a local move is less than 100…
March 25, 2021
Reasons for a move Around 40 million Americans move each year. That’s a lot of moving! So why do people move? The most common are for social and economic reasons. Other less common reasons could be due to political or environmental situations, such as a natural disaster occurring, or due to war or political persecution.    What are good reasons to relocate?  Often, relocation brings new opportunity; this could be for work, or for other personal…
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