How To Prepare for A Long-Distance Move In 2022

How To Prepare for A Long-Distance Move

Tips for Moving in 2022


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Even the shortest relocation requires a significant level of planning and preparation to pull off smoothly. A long-distance move in 2022 requires the same planning, only amped up considerably. If you are planning a long-distance move in the coming year, the time to start planning is now, even as you are reading this. A solid plan, well executed, will mean a successful and enjoyable moving experience for you and your family.

Planning ahead

Basically, as soon as you know you are going to be moving is the time to lay out that plan. You are going to be pulling up every root you have and relocating it all thousands of miles away. With that in mind, write down every task that is going to be required to do this properly. What needs to be packed, what can wait until the last minute, what you are going to get rid of, what date the utilities need to be shut off, things like that. California / New York Express Movers can help you put this list together and make sure things are taken care of in the proper order.

Sticking to the schedule

Okay, you have a plan. Now the key is to keep it on schedule. Many elements such as utilities and school enrollments are time sensitive, and the last thing you need is to be flailing about at the last minute trying to get something done that should have been completed weeks ago. Make it a point to have certain goals that need to be met each day, even if they are small ones. Do this and you will be surprised by how efficient you can be.

Moving estimates

Get at least three in-home moving estimates. You want to do this no later than a month out from your move, but for a project of this scope, earlier is always preferable. Obviously, you do not want to go with the cheapest option, but neither do you need to break the bank. In most cases, the best companies are the ones with the most services to offer, the most experience, and yet with a price estimate that falls somewhere in the middle.

Organizing the papers

Make sure all information is updated such as driver’s license, registration, insurance, and other important documents. Knowing what needs to be updated ahead of time will be of invaluable service to you when the moving day finally comes. Also, check and make sure what your insurance covers and does not cover regarding a move. If it is not sufficient, purchase moving insurance to make sure your valuable items and heirlooms are protected.

Make a list

Draw up an inventory of everything you own. Yes, that is a tall order. And yes, it is important. That way you know if everything arrived safely at your new location by simply checking it off the list. Similarly, items should be checked with regard to where they will go in the new home. You do not want to be scouring through a box in the master bath looking for an item that is supposed to go in the kitchen. Take measurements of larger items such as beds and bookshelves to make sure you have adequate space for them in your new domicile. If there is no place for a particular item, it should probably be left behind, sold, or donated. Otherwise, it just becomes a headache when you arrive at your destination.

Time for a clean up

That said, moving is a wonderful time to downsize. At no other time will you be going through everything you own to this degree, so make it a point of asking yourself, is this something that I am going to use, wear, listen to, read, cook with, watch, etc. Whenever the answer is “no,” relegate it to the status of donation, sale, or disposal, whatever works. This sort of streamlining will do much to minimize the cost of your move, as well as make packing and unpacking much easier and more efficient.

Divide into sections

Pack by room. We alluded to this earlier. You do not want to find kitchen utensils in your master bathroom, so pack belongings by room and label them as such. That way, the movers know where everything goes as they come off the truck. Packing stuff randomly may go faster…at first, but it will mean serious headaches when you get to where you are going.

Start with the smallest room first. Packing a home can be an overwhelming thought, and it is often hard to know where to start. Pick the smallest room and take care of that first, then move up from there. You will be surprised at just how easy it can be.

Mark the boxes

Label every box with your name and phone number. This does not get mentioned much, but sometimes boxes from different families may move on the same truck. Proper labeling means that your materials do not get mixed up with someone else’s and dropped off at the wrong address.

Relabel movers

Save money at every opportunity. Professional movers can pack up your home much more rapidly and efficiently, but in the interest of cost, you can save a few bucks or more by doing as much as you can on your own. If you have friends who are willing, a packing party can be a terrific way to get things in proper order, and all while spending some quality time with those closest to you before you leave.

Moving season

Move during the off season. Summer is commonly the busiest time for moves, and as a result, the most expensive. Moving during the off season can save money, as well as scheduling moves for weekdays, or in the middle of the month, times when moving companies are usually less busy.

Scope out the move in scenario. Make sure the moving truck or trucks have a place to park. Check out any parking regulations that your new neighborhood may have. If you are moving into an apartment, check and see what their move in policies are.

Don't forget to tip

And finally, do not forget to tip your server. These guys work hard, so tip them for an exceptional job. You might also want to spring for snacks and cold drinks upon arrival for the hard-working crew.

Good luck with your long-distance move in 2022!

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