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Moving Timeline

A guideline to help you be ready for “moving day”

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Moving Timeline

A moving timeline is a structured “to do” list. When you decide to move your home, whether it is locally or long distance, at first it may seem like a simple task, however, once you begin gathering information, and immersing yourself into your move, you will soon realize that there are numerous tasks to juggle and complete all within a certain timeline.

Creating a moving timeline will help keep you organized and on top of what needs to get done. It will increase your capacity to multi task. Each task can be prioritized based upon their importance and deadlines can be set for completion, follow up, or necessary action to be taken. There are some great apps which can be used, creating even more simplicity, as you can check off tasks from anywhere.

Your moving timeline will be customized to suit your individual move. This timeline may shift day-to-day, week-to-week, dependent on your relocation process. At any given time things may change with your moving plans, therefore your moving timeline could also change.

Below is a comprehensive timeline beginning at 8 weeks, outlining some common tasks to achieve and accomplish when relocating. If you are planning to hire professional movers or move yourself, you can use this as a guide to create your own personalized moving timeline. You can also view our Moving Checklist, which you can print and use as a reference.

8 Weeks Before Your Move

  • Start getting organized – Create a folder for all moving related correspondence.
  • Research moving companies – Go online and research reputable moving companies. Inquire with friends and family for recommendations.
  • Start sorting – Begin to sort through inventory, deciding what to keep, discard or donate.

7 Weeks Before Your Move

  • Begin collecting estimates – Collect estimates from at least 3 moving companies.

6 Weeks Before Your Move

  • Confirm a moving company – Book a moving company that you feel confident with.
  • Plan a garage sale - Organize a garage sale for all the items you will not be moving, donating or giving away.
  • Plan your travel arrangements – Start thinking and planning how you will travel to your new destination.

5 Weeks Before Your Move

  • Order supplies –Purchase moving supplies to begin packing.
  • Non-Essential items – Begin packing items you will not need immediately. Clearly label the boxes.
  • Inform schools – If you, or any children are at school, inform them of the move. Obtain copies of records. Inquire into enrollment procedures at the schools in your new city/state.
  • Medical records – Obtain copies of medical records for everyone moving.

4 Weeks Before Your Move

  • Notify your landlord – If you rent, 30 days notice is usually required when moving out.
  • Notify utility companies – Start closing your utility services at your current address. If you already have a new address, you can begin setting up the utilities for when you arrive.
  • Notify the post office – File a change of address with USPS (United States Postal Service)
  • Inform services and subscriptions – Cancel or change address of any services or subscriptions.

3 Weeks Before Your Move

  • Confirm reservation – Confirm your move with your chosen moving company.
  • Schedule pick-ups – Have local charities pick up any items you will not be taking with you. For example, clothing, furniture or household items.
  • Inform government offices – Contact the DMV, Social Security, and voter registration.

2 Weeks Before Your Move

  • Pack – Begin or continue packing.
  • Parking permit – Obtain a parking permit for the moving truck, if requested by the moving company.

1 Week Before Your Move

  • Essentials box – Pack a First Nights Essential’s Box.
  • Confirm final quote - If you need to add or remove any inventory, make sure to update your moving company.
  • Personal items – Gather all personal and valuable items you will be taking with you, not to be moved in the truck.

Moving Day

  • Do a walkthrough – Have a walkthrough with the foreman to go over any details.
  • Check all areas – Check all areas, including closets and outside to make sure nothing is left behind.


  • Parking permit – Obtain a parking permit for the moving truck, if requested by the moving company.
  • Clean – Schedule a cleaning prior to having your belongings delivered.
  • Layout – Prepare a furniture layout of where movers should place your furniture.

Planning a move is not always straightforward, but with your completed moving timeline you will have direction.

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