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How long does it take to plan a move? If you’re planning a DIY move, and need to rent a moving truck to transport your belongings, knowing what size truck you’re going to need will help with planning and budgeting. Rental truck companies’ list on their websites the capacity for each truck size. They also break it down into bedroom sizes, for example if a studio/1 bedroom apartment is being moved, U-Haul recommend a 10’

November 19, 2020

How to Pack The Dining Room

How can I pack my house efficiently? Like other rooms in the house, before packing begins, its best to organize what will be kept donated or discarded. Once ready to packa , you’ll want to make sure you have all the necessary packing materials, this is especially important if you have fine china, glass and silverware. What should I pack in a small box?  Once you’re ready to pack the smaller items, the dining table
Before moving into your new rental Find out what questions should you ask before signing a lease.   What should I do before signing a lease?   Before you sign the lease on your new home, make sure to ask some questions to the landlord, or agent representing the landlord.   What are the terms of the lease? If you agree on the terms, make sure they are clearly stated in the lease agreement.   What is the moving
Protecting Your Belongings Flat screen televisions are fragile items that need to be well protected in preparation for a long distance move. Find out how to safely pack a flat screen TV. The best packaging for a flat screen TV is the original box in which it came in. It will contain the original packaging and protective pieces. If however, the original packaging is not available, there are other protective solutions. If a professional moving

October 19, 2020

Common Moving Mistakes

Common Moving Tips Understanding common moving mistakes can help you avoid these same mistakes during your long distance move.   Research moving companies – This is extremely important! Whether you plan to hire a professional moving company, or rent a moving truck for a DIY move. Not researching moving companies could see your belongings in the wrong hands. Avoid this mistake and avoid being part of a moving scam.  Have enough time to pack – Not
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