considering a do It yourself move?

Considering A Do It Yourself Move?

Do It Yourself moves can be simple, easy and low cost. They can also require a lot of energy and end up costing more than had been budgeted. Prior to making the decision to do a DIY move, ask: How far are you moving? And how much will you be moving? Based on your answers, consider whether to move yourself or hire a professional moving company.  

If you are considering a do it yourself move, it’s very important that you have everything prepared ahead of time. Will you need to rent a truck or a trailer? Will you need help with heavy lifting? Can you take the time of work to drive across the country? It’s also a good idea to plan your route, and know where you’ll sleep after long hours of driving. All the costs for each of these will need to be calculated, plus extra for any unforeseen situations that could occur while on the road.

DIY move

When you hire a professional moving company, all these logistics are taken care of by the company for an agreed upon fee, leaving you free to put your attention on other aspects of the move. If however, Doing It Yourself is the decision, what an opportunity it can be. Whether you’re moving locally across town, or long distance to the other side of the country, with proper planning and enough time, doing a DIY move can be achieved simply, while at the same time creating a rare moving experience. 

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