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should you move yourself or hire a moving company

Should You Move Yourself Or Hire A Moving Company

Helpful tips when deciding whether to hire movers, or to move yourself

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Should You Move Yourself Or Hire A Moving Company

You’ve begun to think about your upcoming move. Whether it’s happening within the next few days, weeks, months or even in the near or distant future. Either way, you need to start gathering information to understand costs and the logistics of what moving entails.

Are You Doing A Local, Intrastate Or Long Distance Move?

Local Move: Moving close to where you currently reside, for example around the block, or to another part of town.

Intrastate Move: Moving within the same state, for example, from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

Long Distance: Any move that goes across a state line, for example moving from California to New York.

You may have questioned yourself if it will be more efficient to move your own belongings. The decision you make will ultimately depend on individual circumstances. Such things as money, time, size of move and when the move needs to take place, may largely contribute to whether you choose to rent a truck and move yourself, or hire a professional moving company.

Moving yourself is not always an easy process, especially if it’s Long Distance. If you decide that “going it alone” is your preferred route, you must make sure to thoroughly plan your move and ensure you are organized, and that your moving plan is rooted in a well-conducted research. If not, you may discover that moving can become costly and time consuming.

There are some advantages to moving yourself. For instance, renting your own truck and moving yourself across country can be a fun and exciting adventure. It could be an opportunity to take some time out of the ordinary, enjoy the magic of the open road, and include stops at some of the many attractions and natural wonders that America is known for.

You don’t even have to do all the heavy lifting yourself, you can hire moving companies to help load and unload your truck. Thorough planning of your route, and advance bookings on hotels that offer parking for trucks is essential. Don’t forget though, to create memories and allow for spontaneity on your journey!

If however, you are like many who cannot take the necessary time off, or you simply want to “avoid the headache”, you may decide to hire a professional moving company. If entrusting your move to a Moving Company is what you decide, spend the time researching different companies and find out what they offer. Visit their websites. Contact directly those that seem to fit your needs and ask as many questions as necessary. And remember to read customer reviews. Friends or people you know is a good source for finding reputable moving companies.

Move Yourself vs. Hiring A Professional Moving Company

Any company you are thinking about hiring must be licensed and registered. This means: they must have a US DOT number, and be registered with the FMCSA. By going to FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association) website you can check the records of each company you are considering and see if there have been any safety violations. Additional research can be done with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) where you can check ratings and reviews of your considered companies.

Once you have narrowed your search, it is a good idea to collect at least three estimates from different companies. Moving companies calculate cost either by mass (weight) or by cubic feet (volume) and have professional estimators to provide quotes and answer any queries.

When you have collected all the information you need, you will be ready to choose the moving company and begin the next stage of your move. And remember, even if you hire a moving company, you can still take that road trip!

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