Pack A Garage For Moving

Smart relocation

If you’re relocating and need to pack your home, one of the questions you might be asking is:

How do I pack my garage for moving? If your garage is used for its intended purpose, to house your vehicles, then it may be a simple process. However, if like a large percentage of Americans, your garage has become a space for storage, being organized is the first key to packing up your garage

Where to start packing when you are moving?
How do you move power tools? And, How do you move a tool chest?

Once you begin packing the garage, the first step is to go through everything in the garage and decide what to get rid of. You can donate, give to friends, or hold a garage sale. Often heavy equipment and tools are kept in the garage, therefore it’s extremely important to observe safety when packing a garage. This will include correctly draining oil or gas from tools or equipment. Moving companies are not permitted to move items with flammable materials.Power tools should be packed in their original casing before being placed in a moving box. If you don’t have the original casing, make sure any sharp objects are covered and wrapped securely. Tool chests are heavy, and if tools are kept inside during the move, it will be heavier. Whether you remove or keep the tools in the chest, make sure to have help moving the chest and follow proper lifting techniques.

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