Need To Move In A Hurry?

Need to move in a hurry? Knowing that it can be accomplished in a short time frame will give you the power to be ready for the movers on time.

How do I move the last minute?

The key to any successful move is organization! This is especially important if you need to move at a moment’s notice. You might be asking how can I move in one week? How do I pack and move in two days? Or even how do you move in one day? These are all valid questions when faced with the reality that you need to sort and pack your stuff quickly. First of all, make a checklist with completion dates of everything that needs to be done. Include tasks such as: sorting, downsizing and donating belongings, do this room by room, ordering supplies, changing your address, transferring utilities, servicing the car, and most importantly, securing a moving company at short notice.


Before everything gets packed, set aside some essential items for you and your family for the first few days that you’ll be in your new home. These same items can also be used in the days leading up to moving day, especially as packing is happening at such a rapid speed. While packing, take inventory of what’s going into each box, this is especially important if you might be combining items from more than one room into a single box.
If you have helpers around, get everyone involved. You’ll be able to get more done in less time.

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