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Moving In A Hurry

If you need to move quickly,
find out what needs to get it done in a short time frame

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Moving In A Hurry

Last minute moves can be achieved with simplicity and ease. If you have to move in a hurry, either unexpectedly, or you’re planned move date is suddenly approaching, following some basic steps will ensure you will be packed and ready.


Checklist - Start by creating a Moving Timeline or Checklist. Prioritize and condense tasks based on the time frame of your move.

Moving binder – Create a file or folder where everything related to the move can be placed. This is especially important if there is little time, as you will want to be able to access any information at a moments notice. You could include in this folder you’re moving checklist and any personal tasks required, such as necessary appointments or meetings needed prior to the move.

Transportation – Deciding if you will be Moving Yourself vs Hiring a Professional Moving Company is a decision that will need to be made promptly, along with receiving estimates and scheduling a moving date. This is especially necessary if you need to move during summer, May through September, which is the busiest time for moving companies.


Non-Allowables – Before you begin packing, make sure you are aware of what moving companies cannot move. This way you will not pack anything that will have to be removed at a later stage. Check our list of Non Allowable Items.

Declutter – Taking some time to go through what you have in your home and clear out what is not needed, will allow you to pack efficiently and faster. Sort items into keep, discard, and donate. If you will be donating items, you can see Where to Donate Items Before Moving and start planning and scheduling any needed pick-ups.

Packing supplies – Make sure you obtain packing supplies. Check with friends and family to see if anyone has left over boxes and materials. If you need to purchase supplies and time allows, order online. This way you can utilize the time to continue focusing and prepping for the move, instead of sitting in traffic.

If you have chosen to hire a professional moving company to transport your belongings, you may have also opted for packing services. In this case, you can relax and let the moving company provide all the supplies.

Essentials – Before you begin packing all your belongings, put aside and pack separately some First Day Essentials that will be needed. Include items for everyone making the move.

Packing – Go room by room and focus on one area at a time. Even though you are packing quickly, remain efficient and make sure boxes are sealed securely and any fragile items are protected. If you run out of packing supplies when wrapping fragile items, clothing or linens can be used. They can also be used to pad boxes. Making an inventory list of what’s inside each box, along with a box number is advisable. You could also mark on each box its contents, or create a photo library.


If you need help, ask friends and family. To ensure time is not wasted, provide clear instructions for tasks to be completed.

Hiring the services of professionals can expedite the moving process and save you time. You can hire full service movers or select services that fit your needs. When having to move in a hurry, hiring relocation professionals is often a wise and efficient option. Some services you might choose include:

  • Full service
  • Professional packing and unpacking
  • Professional loading and unloading
  • Guaranteed pick up and delivery dates

Having followed these tips, your hurried move will have become an active, organized and productive experience.

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