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How to Have A Pest Free Move

How to Have A Pest Free Move

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No one wants pests in their home so, how can we keep our house free from pests? Well, truth is, there are four common insects that can often infest our homes: cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas and gypsy moth. When you begin packing up to move, take some steps to prevent these pests from making the move with you to your new home.

How do you prevent bugs from moving?

If you see insects during your sorting and packing process, first thing is to find out which insects they are and begin the process of exterminating them before you start wrapping, packing and boxing your belongings. Depending on which species they are, and which area of the home they are infesting, will determine the best action. Common places pests might be infesting include: electronics, clothing, bedding, linens, mattresses, houseplants, and some outdoor items. There is also the possibility that recycled moving boxes could be a hub for pest infestations. So, if your planning for a greener relocation, make sure to thoroughly check any pre used boxes.

People sometimes ask, “do roaches hide in mattresses?” this is very uncommon. It is bedbugs that are found on mattresses and in the seams, sometimes inside the mattress. Protecting your mattress in a large plastic covering, specifically designed for mattresses will protect against bedbugs when moving. For any extra help, call in the exterminators.

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