moving during extreme weather conditions

Moving During Extreme Weather Conditions

How weather conditions could affect your move

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Moving During Extreme Weather Conditions

The four seasons, winter, spring, summer or fall. Each offers beauty, and at the same time, represents different weather conditions. We can predict more or less what to expect from the weather during each season, and depending on where we live, these conditions will differ. Come moving day, what had been planned, might in fact be considerably different. Being prepared the best we can for what Mother Nature might surprise us with, can help us through inclement weather.

During the weeks and days leading up to your moving day, pay attention to the weather forecast in both your pick up and delivery destinations.

Which season are you moving in?


Light rain can occur at anytime of the year, and usually will not cause any complications for your move. If however, it rains heavily, this can present some challenges, and if possible, postponing the move until it has calmed down, is advised. If that is not an option, either due to the moving company’s schedule or your schedule, there are some steps to help you have an easier move.

Keeping your belongings dry is essential. To do this, make sure that all your furniture is covered with moving pads and then wrapped in plastic. Having the moving truck near to your home is the best situation. If you are hiring a moving company, make sure they can confirm there are no leaks and that no water can enter the truck, that it will remain dry while it is being loaded.

The floors in the house should be well protected. This can be achieved by laying down blankets, moving pads or towels. There will be a lot of movement to and from the house.

Having extra items such as waterproof tarps, umbrellas, rain jackets, rain boots and extra towels, which can be used to dry off, can all come in handy.


Intense cold weather where there is snow, sleet or ice is by far the most chaotic weather to move in. If you will be moving during these weather conditions and have hired a moving company, make sure to find out their policy of moving in these conditions. Find out if they offer a back up date. If the weather conditions are severe, many moving companies will postpone the move.

On the day of pick up and delivery, prior to the arrival of the movers, you are responsible to provide a clear and safe pathway from your home to the truck. This includes any driveways or sidewalks.

If you’re still deciding, Should You Move Yourself Or Hire A Moving Company plan the moving process as early in the day as possible, as during the winter months, days are shorter.

Just like in the rain, keeping your belongings and your home dry is important. Try to have the moving truck park as close as possible to your home and make sure all furniture is protected and covered with moving blankets, and plastic wrap if needed. Protect your floors with blankets, moving pads or towels.

Providing hot drinks to the movers along with water will be welcomed on a cold day. When Creating A Moving Budget, factor in costs for some cold weather equipment. Having these extra items on hand can make things easier and warmer:

  • Shovels
  • Salt for ice on driveways / sidewalks
  • Hats and gloves
  • Portable heaters
  • Waterproof trash bags


The sun is out and moving day has arrived. Depending on what time of year it is, the sun can get extremely hot. Having to move during this period can be as challenging as any of the other seasons. Hot weather like this can cause dehydration and sunburn. It is vital that there is enough sunblock and water available, especially to the moving crew who are doing the heaving lifting. Make sure there are hats, plenty of water and sunblock accessible.


If you will be moving during the winter, planning your transportation is necessary. If your moving yourself and driving a large truck, you will want to make sure that you plan your route ahead of time and check the weather conditions.

If you are hiring a moving company to transport your belongings, but will be driving your car, make sure to get it serviced prior to moving day. Check that the tires are in good condition in the event that you will be driving on icy roads.

When planning your route, have a second option prepared in case the weather conditions do not permit the original plan. Staying close to main roads and highways could be safer, as these roads get cleared first from the snow and ice.

Whichever weather condition your move will take place in, remember, come moving day, Mother Nature could surprise you.

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