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Moving A Mobile Home

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Moving A Mobile Home

  A mobile home produces a vision of travel and flexibility; however, they are in fact stationary homes with wheels. More than 90% of mobile homes, also called manufactured homes never move from the location where they were first installed. If you are planning on moving your mobile home, you will want to consider what it takes to move it, and the costs associated with the move.

Transport And Cost

  To transport your mobile home, you will want to hire a professional company who specialize in moving large homes. The mobile home will be placed on a large flat-bed and towed. Prices are based on the distance and differ if you are moving a single or double wide home. You can expect to pay up to about $15,000 for a local move of a double wide home, less for a single wide home. If you move further, including another state, expect to pay more.


  You will need to understand zoning if you are moving to a different state. Mobile homes are built based on the standards of location. The mobile home you are planning to move must meet or surpass these standard set by the HUD (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development) They have divided the country into zones, thermal, roof load and wind. You can view the maps at Manufactured Housing Institute.

Hire The Right Company

  When receiving quotes, be sure to confirm what’s included. Permits are required to move a mobile home and you will need one for each state the mobile home enters. The moving company usually handles this. Does the Estimate include leaving the lot clean? You are responsible for making sure the lot is clean, and could end up paying more. Any company you are considering, you should check references. It is advisable to check with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) if any complaints have been filed. Be sure to choose a company that is licensed and insured. Insurance companies of mobile homes do not usually cover the house while in transit, so be sure to inquire into Moving Insurance. Reputable moving companies will provide:
  • Permits
  • Inspection of mobile home to verify its condition is safe to be moved.
  • Disconnect plumbing
Confirm that the mobile house is allowed to be moved. This information will be in the paperwork related to the home. It is also important to check property taxes, as in most cases these must be paid to date before the house can be moved. When cancelling or switching your utilities, check what fees may apply to have someone come and disconnect the lines that are connected directly to the mobile home.

Preparing The Mobile Home To Be Moved

  • Turn off all utilities, electricity, water, and gas.
  • Make sure all lines have been disconnected, cable, television and telephone.
  • Protect your pipes if moving in winter by applying a winter seal. Once done, you can turn off the heat.
  • Remove items from the interior, especially items of value or anything than can damage easily. Speak with your chosen moving company to confirm if everything needs to be removed from the interior, just like any other type of household move.
  • Remove exterior attachments as high winds when travelling can cause these pieces to be blown off. If your mobile home has a porch, awnings, or any decorative hangings, these should be removed, and can be stored in the home if there is space.
  • The exterior of the home needs to be secured by bolting all windows and doors. They can also be covered for extra safety. Prior to the move, check siding and the roof, and fix any loose pieces as high winds can damage anything that is not secured.
The new site must be prepared prior to the delivery of the mobile home. The ground must be leveled and no trees obstructing the site. When the movers arrive with the home, it must be placed correctly in the new location as agreed. Recommended Reading Moving A Motorcycle Moving A Car Moving A Boat

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