moving a car

Moving A Car

Know your options when shipping your car across the country

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Moving A Car

In addition to relocating your home, you may also be considering whether to transport your car. For short distance, or local moves, driving the car yourself, may be an easy option. You will need to do some research, as car shipping companies will move your car, even a small distance, you’ll need to see if it makes sense for your move. If however you are planning on Long Distance Moving, certain planning and preparations will need to be done, and using a car shipping company may be the best option.

Do Moving Companies Transport Cars?

Some moving companies do provide car transportation. While you’re in the process of receiving Estimates for moving your personal items, inquire if any of the companies can also transport your car. The convenience of receiving both your household items and your car at the same time may be worth any additional costs when using the moving company.

Professional Auto Transportation Companies

Auto transportation companies transport automobiles on either an open or enclosed truck. Enclosed trucks offer additional protection. If weather conditions or cars of value, such as collectables are a factor to consider, this may be the better option. You can choose either door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal service. Using terminal-to-terminal will save you financially, however, you are responsible for delivering, picking up, or both, at each terminal.

Prices are based on:

  • Make and model or car
  • Weight
  • Distance
  • Destination – moving to a remote area will increase the price
  • Open or enclosed truck

When choosing a company, ensure you receive a written agreement, check reviews with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and also make sure to verify company information, such as registration on the USDOT (United States Department of Transportation) website.

Verify you are insured for the duration of the shipment. Either by using your own insurance or by the insurance carrier of the transportation company you are using. You can request a certificate of Insurance.

Having A Driver Transport Your Car

There are companies that specialize in providing professional drivers to transport cars. You can also hire a non-professional to drive your car, such as a student or someone that is moving to the same area. For both options, the driver must be licensed and insured. You should also check you are covered by your insurance for any accidents or thefts that may occur when someone other than you or persons listed on your coverage are driving.

Things to consider:

  • Cost of gas
  • Miles added to vehicle
  • Food and Lodging
  • Rate of pay to driver (if applicable)

Driving Your Own Car

If you have decided on a do-it-yourself move for your household items, you may have also decided to move and drive your car. If you will be renting a truck, you have the option to haul the car to the back of the truck with a trailer.


Having your car transported by train is also a consideration if the train depot is accessible or close to either the pick up or delivery destinations.

Things To Consider When Planning To Move Your Car

You will need to register your car in the new state. Visit the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) website to find out what the regulations and requirements are for the specific state you are moving to.

Each state has different regulations. You may need to have an emissions and safety inspection. Check with the local DMV.

Insurance rates differ per state, check with you current insurance company to see if they service your new location and if the rate will change.


  • Before the car is moved, check both interior and exterior in detail. Take pictures or notes of the car as it is, and any damage that may already be present. When receiving the car, repeat the inspection. You must mention any damage or missing parts before taking possession of your car.
  • Check mileage at beginning and at delivery to ensure car has been driven the agreed upon distance.
  • Do not leave any thing of value in the car. This includes stereo systems.
  • Invest in extra insurance if your car is of value.

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