how to protect a vacant home after moving

How To Protect A Vacant Home After Moving

Secure and protect your vacant property during your move

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How To Protect A Vacant Home After Moving

If you own a property, there might be a period of time in which the home you’re moving out of will sit vacant. Vacant homes can often be targeted if they appear to be empty. For this reason, it is strongly recommended why you shouldn’t announce your move on social media. Without having to invest in a high-end security system, there are ways in which the old home can be protected.

Security System

  If you already have a security system in place, keep it going. It’s also a good idea, if you have one, to leave the security sign at the front of the house. You can even monitor the property from your new home, whether you’ve moved across country, or to the other side of the world.


  It’s common to close or Transfer Utilities When Moving to a new home, however, if the home your moving from will be vacant for a length of time, it’s worth considering to keep the electricity connected. This way, there will be light and heat at the property. To give the feeling the home is occupied, turn on some lights. This can be done with a timer. The timer can also be set to turn some, or all of the lights off. If the home will be vacant during the winter season, heating can protect the home from any damages, such as burst pipes.

Interior / Exterior Maintenance

  Having a trusted friend or neighbor who can come to check the home regularly is a good idea, and can provide a sense of security. If they can look around the home, pick up any unexpected mail, deliveries or trash and keep the home presentable, it will help deter any possible crime. Make sure not to leave any valuables inside the empty home. If the house will be staged for selling, or your belongings will be shipped at a later time, any valuable items, such as: artwork, jewelry, electronics, televisions, and expensive furniture, should be removed by the time the home will be vacated. If the home has a garden, or a lawn, consider hiring or making arrangements for someone to come regularly to do the landscaping, and generally keep the outside area clean and well kept. A garden with overgrown weeds, and fallen leaves can often send a message that the house is empty. If the house will be empty during the winter months and there is heavy snow, hire someone to shovel the snow and keep the driveway clear.

Homeowners Insurance

  If you have homeowners insurance, check your policy to see how long you are covered once the home is vacated. If there is coverage during this time, make sure to know for how long. A lot of companies protect the home for up to 60 days, some insurance policies will be less than 60 days. Make sure to check your coverage. In addition to taking precautions to protect and secure your vacant home, maintaining the home and property while it sits empty will make it feel more like home for the new owners.

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