packing your home office

Packing Your Home Office

One of the hottest trends caused by technology is the fact that more and more people are working from their home office. If you need to move your home office along with your household items, it is important to know how to pack it well to allow a quick and simple unpack and get back to work as soon as you settle in your new home.

Packing Books

Learn how to pack your home office for a long distance move.As you clear your bookcases, start at the top shelves to prevent toppling. Pack books of the same general size together, in small book boxes (1.5 cubic foot). Start with small and medium-sized books and pack them either lying flat or standing upright. Your larger and heavier books should be packed flat.

Do not pack books on its spine or the fore-edge to prevent it from being seriously damaged in the bindings as glue can break away from the binder. Do not overload your boxes as books are heavy and overloading may break the box. Overloading a box may also create excessive pressure and makes unpacking difficult, leading to a tear up of otherwise reusable boxes.

If you choose to pack books flat, one on top of the other, arrange them with spines and fore-edges alternating. Pack larger, heavier books at the bottom of the box, and smaller, lighter ones on top.

Packing Office Furniture

If you have modular office furniture, disassemble it prior to packing or moving. Ask your moving company about furniture disassembles as many companies offer this service for free. Use the manufacturer instructions and keep al removable part such as drawers, screws and selves in boxes.

Packing Filing Cabinets

Filing cabinets must be emptied before your moving date and content must be packed in moving boxes. This is required for even weight distribution and to prevent files from mixing while in transit.

As you empty filing cabinets into boxes, be sure to keep the filing system. This will allow you to quickly unpack and put all your files back in order.

Packing Computers and Peripheral Equipment

Pack your computer at the last possible minute as you probably need to use it until your moving day. First, detach all connecting wires, removable paper feeders/holders from all hardware and label them for easy reassembly.

These items can be packed in their original box. If the original box is not available, use padded boxes to assure maximum safety. This is extremely important when packing your monitor. Be sure to back up your essential files to prevent data loss.

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Shannon L.
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