why do people move

Why Do People Move

Understanding why large numbers of the U.S.
population moving cross country annually

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Why Do People Move

Every day, large numbers of people are moving homes, whether it is locally, across the country or to another continent. There are numerous reasons why people might decide to move. In the United States the most common are: economic and social. In addition to economic and social, other reasons people may need to move are: political and environmental. Check out some common reasons why people move.

Economic – moving because of work, or to pursue a certain career.
Social – to be closer to family and/or friends. Or to have a better quality of life.
Political – move because of war or political persecution.
Environmental – due to natural disasters, such as flooding.


Moving for work is very common. Around 20% of moves take place due to this reason.

New job - Relocating for a new job or a new position within an existing company is one of the main reasons people will decide to move. When presented with an opportunity, whether it be a steady job, a higher position, a higher income, or perhaps better working conditions, moving to another city, state or country will be required.

In pursuit of work - Moving to a new place in search of employment, or to follow your chosen career path might be necessary.

Corporate move - Corporate companies often transfer employees to different cities, states and sometimes overseas for long term assignments. In most cases in these situations, the whole family will make the move to a new home.

Commuting - Long commutes to and from work on a daily bases is another reason that people will make a job related move. It enables them to be closer to work and create more time.


Moving for social reasons can occur in one or more situations. Here are the most common reasons:

New home – You might decide to move to a new location if your current home is: too small, too big, or you desire to have a better home, or own your own house.

New neighborhood – Having a better quality of life for you or your family might mean moving to a new city, state or country. Safer neighborhood, good schools, greener environment, compatible climate, a booming or more affluent area could be just a few of the reasons to move.

Family and friends - Around 30% of moves are associated with family. Relationships play a very big part in the lives of some people, and being close to family and friends is very important.

You might move because your spouse or partner is relocating for work and you want to be close to them.

Following your heart could mean moving somewhere new, whether it be on familiar ground or to distant lands.

Divorce or separation - If there has been a divorce or change in the relationship, separating might require moving from a house or moving to a new area.

Elderly parents or children – As parents age and become older, being close and spending time together is a common reason for moving. Sometimes it will be the elderly parents moving to be with the children and grandchildren. Or, the adult children will move closer to the elderly parents.

Follow your dreams – Following your dreams can take you to many places. These pursuits will be different for everyone. They may come in the form of academia, adventure, and world knowledge.

Whatever your reason for moving, you will be one of the many who get to experience some of the great places of the world, and if needed, start afresh, make new friends and expand your horizons.

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