moving green – top five green cities

Moving Green – Top Five Green Cities

How these great cities go green.

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Moving Green - Top Five Green Cities

If you have been considering a long distance move but haven't quite figured out where you would like to move to, here is a good place to help you make your decision. If better air quality, renewable energy, certified green buildings, public parks, and superior recycling programs sounds like a better life to you, then take a look at the characteristics of these great cities that are worth moving long distance for.

1. Portland, OR

If you have been considering a long distance move to another city, learn more about the top five greenest cities in America.The greenest city in America has a dedicated focus on making Portland a great place to live and certainly worth moving long distance to. Half its power comes from renewable sources, lots of Portlanders commute to work by bike, carpool or public transportation, and the city has dozens of buildings that are certified by the U.S. Green Building Council. Portland has also set an urban growth boundary that protects 25 million acres of land.

2. San Francisco, CA

If you have ever considered making a long distance move to sunny California, clearly you are not alone. If you are coming from a place like New York City, San Francisco has the city life and is a leader in protecting our environment. The city is also a leader in green building with many projects that are certified green.

3. Boston, MA

Some may not have expected Boston to make the top three, but with its plans to open a power plant that would turn grass and leaves into methane gas, it makes Boston another great place to move long distance to.

4. Oakland, CA

It is of no surprise that Oakland makes this list, as it is not such a long distance from San Francisco. Oakland moved to the cutting edge by offering commuters zero emission hydrogen powered buses.

5. Burlington, VT

This quaint lake community prides itself in being a green leader. Over one-third of its energy comes from renewable resources. You probably won't find any other city in the United States that is so dedicated to sustainability. Moving long distance to Burlington with children is not a difficult decision to make, as most of its public schools have switched to organically grown foods and sustainability is a part in the school curricula.

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