moving day: what to expect

Moving Day: What To Expect

A guide to know what to expect on moving day

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Moving Day: What To Expect

Moving day has arrived! Just as there was a lot of planning and preparation to have everything ready for this upcoming day, this day itself will require an understanding of what is to be expected.

Even if you’re not the type to make lists, creating a Moving Timeline will keep you organized and on track so that everything will be ready come moving day.

A few days prior to your scheduled move date, contact the moving company and confirm the date and time they will arrive. Make sure they have the correct pick up address and contact details of any individuals that will be involved in the move. If there are any specifics, such as difficult access to the home, confirm this has been addressed and the movers will be prepared.

Leading up to the move date, begin creating a list of things that will need to be accomplished on the day of moving. For guidance, you can view our Moving Checklist and see some of the things we recommend doing on moving day. In addition you will want to:

Start your day early – Whether the movers arrive first thing in the morning or later in the day, beginning the day early is advised. It will allow you to double check things, and go over any last minute details to ensure you are ready for the mover’s arrival.

Paperwork – Make sure you have all your moving paperwork in one place, which if needed can be accessed at any given moment. Remember to keep all your personal documentation with you at all times throughout the duration of the move.

Essentials – There will be a few essential items that you will need on moving day in addition to your First Day Essentials. You might want to have a few extra boxes and tape along with some basic tools: a box cutter/utility knife, markers, pliers, and a flashlight.

Safety –Personal injuries and property damage can occur on moving day. There is a lot happening. If everything is ready and only the necessary adults are present when the movers arrive, they will be able to focus on the job, aiding in a speedier, and safer moving day.

Supervise – You or an authorized adult needs to be present to supervise the moving process. If you will be moving locally, make sure the driver has the address of the new location.

Snacks – Have some light snacks and refreshments available for the movers. Depending on the size of your move, providing a meal may be required.

Bill of lading – Once the movers are finished and the truck is loaded, you will be given a bill of lading. Before signing, make sure you have looked it over and are satisfied. This is your contract. Add it to the rest of your moving paperwork.

Tipping – To understand how to tip your moving crew, read Tipping your Movers.

Moving day can be a calm experience. If you are organized and understand What Your Movers Want You to Know, it will be smooth sailing all the way to your new home.

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