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Moving Internationally

How to get organized for moving internationally

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Moving Internationally

Moving overseas to another country can be a great opportunity! However, unlike Local and Intrastate Moving or Long Distance Moving, moving abroad is far more substantial and will require a higher level of planning and organization.

The reasons people decide to move abroad vary widely. It may be a job offer or transfer, an opportunity to study abroad, or you just want to discover a different part of the world. Whatever the reason for moving internationally, make sure you plan as thoroughly as possible and understand the requirements of the county you will be moving to.

What To Consider

Before you make your international move, firstly, check to see entry requirements and immigration laws for that country. Meeting with an immigration lawyer might be a good idea. If you are relocating for a job, or as a student, chances are your company or study institution will take care of this. However, if you are moving for another reason, you might need to do your own research.

Will you need to find employment in the new country? If so, consider having something lined up prior to moving.

If you or a family member has an existing medical condition, find out what the health care options, and procedures are in the country you will be moving to.


Once it has been determined that you will be moving to another country, start planning the move and create folders, both electronically and a hard copy, Not all paperwork, documents and notes are electronic. For those that are not electronic, you will want a safe and organized place to keep them. Some category ideas for your folders:

Determine how long you will be living abroad. Will it be a few months, years, perhaps indefinitely? Once you have an idea of the time frame, start thinking and planning what to take with you. If you will be living internationally for a period of time, with plans to return within a few years, taking only the basics will keep your move simple. If your current home will need to be emptied of the furniture and belongings, putting your items in Storage allows you to keep what’s important to you. If your move will be permanent, it will be a good opportunity for Downsizing your home and moving only the essentials.

Where will you be living, what is the climate, and how will you be spending your time? Depending on your new lifestyle, this can determine what to take, what to store, or what to get rid of.

Once you have determined where and for how long you will be living abroad, start creating your checklist of what to take. It will be customized to your individual move, but you will want to include:


Make photocopies and digital copies of all the important documentation. Leave a copy with a relative or close friend.

  • Passports
  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Medical records
  • Health insurance documents
  • Drivers license’s
  • Diplomas
  • Education records
  • Financial records

You will want to inquire about tax laws in both your country and the county you will be moving to. Being prepared and knowing what documentation is needed can save you time, money and any unease when out of your own country.


If you take prescription medicine, or regularly use a brand specific to your country, pack at least 2-3 months supply when you move. Finding a doctor, or the equivalent medication may take some time, and you want to ensure you are not without your medication. You will want to make sure that any medication you plan on taking is legally permitted in that country.


Wherever you move to in the world, electronics are now a widely common way in how we live our lives. Many people use their electronics for work, therefore, make sure that whatever device you are taking, you also have its accompanying charger. In addition, you will need adapters and transformers for any countries you plan to be living in. After some time, you might purchase new electronics from within the new country, and not need all of the extra adapters etc. However, in the beginning, you will want everything working and charging smoothly. It’s also important to make a back up of any important files prior to the move.

Valuable items

Any items that are valuable or hold sentimental value might be worth taking with you. This will depend on the size of the items, where you will live and for how long you will be living abroad. If it will be for a short time, it might not be worth moving these items with you, as moving them may cause damage, or even loss. However, if you are moving for a long period of time, or permanently, then these items will need to be carefully considered and moved with professionals.

Special interests

If you have hobbies or a craft that require certain materials or equipment that you are not able to get in the new country, it might be worthwhile shipping some of these items.

Remember, packing only the essentials is recommended when moving internationally. Keep it as simple as possible and give yourself time to prepare for the change in culture. Having less stuff will also enable you to bring some of the culture into your new home.

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