san francisco apartment pricing

San Francisco Apartment Pricing

Finding an affordable home / apartment is not
impossible with the help of several resources.

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San Francisco Apartment Pricing

Learn more about apartment pricing in San Francisco before your long distance move.If you are moving to San Francisco, you will find that apartment priced are slightly higher than the national average but finding an affordable apartment is not an impossible task with the help of several resources.

You first decision should be what amenities you cannot live without and which are the items you can part with. There are plenty of apartments that are less expensive if they do not come with a washer or dryer in the unit. If walking to the local laundromat is not out of the question for you, this could save you money each month. Being flexible is key as it will not be too difficult at all to find an apartment within your budget. You may even consider living just outside the city where apartment pricing is even more affordable.

If you prefer to stay centrally located in the city, the current price of a one-bedroom apartment can range from $1800 to over $2000 monthly. It is important to make a decision about the specific neighborhood you would like to live in and what amenities you can live without, when trying to find an affordable apartment in San Francisco.

Take some time to calculate what you can afford, and be sure to consider parking, the cost of gas, utilities and internet. If you are living in the city, keep in mind that these items can cost higher than outside of the city and it is important to know if they are included in your lease up front.

Residents with one income will most likely find that the pricing for a single apartment is steep and, therefore, may be helpful to look for a roommate to offset the high monthly costs of living in the San Francisco bay area. If you are looking for a roommate it is always best to post an ad and then do a series of interviews. Make sure to ask for references and put the time in to check them.

If you are looking for more ways to reduce the cost of living in San Francisco is to haggle over the monthly cost of rent. You may be surprised, but sometimes owners will be willing to offer a free month or a lower monthly rent if they like you and feel they will receive their rent on time each and every month. After moving to San Francisco, you will probably find that it is not that hard to grab a nice place to suit your needs.

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