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3 moving must haves

3 Moving Must Haves

The essentials you must have when moving.

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3 Moving Must Haves

So often in life, it's the little things that undo the best laid plans. Your long distance move can be torpedoed by some of the very things that are essential to a successful move.

Learn more about moving essentials. Labels. A moving project travels on its labels, since you want to make sure everything ends up in its proper place. Ideally you should use a labeling system that is color coded in order to allow for movers to know exactly where each box should end up at the final destination. Purple goes in living room, pink in your daughter's room, blue in your son's room, you get the picture. Place these colors by the door to each room so movers know what color label goes in what room. Simple enough?

Strong boxes. Nothing ruins your day faster than the bottom dropping out of a well packed box. It gets worse if the items involved are breakable. Spring for the strong boxes that can take some abuse. It may add a little to the budget, but is definitely worth it.

Pack the basics. At least one box needs to be set aside for basic needs such as toiletries, underwear, towels, basically anything that you are going to need those first few days in your new home before you have successfully unpacked every box. This box should ideally be kept in your car in order to avoid loss or other disorganization problems.

As with any large project, the success is often found in the planning, and you will most certainly want to take those extra steps to ensure that your move goes smoothly and without incident. Write this stuff down and check it off as you go, and you will be able to view moving day as an event to be enjoyed and not stressed over.

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