What To Pack First When Moving Long Distance In 2022

What To Pack First When Moving Long Distance In 2022

Moving Cross Country

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We live in a world that has seen a lot of change over the last two years. A worldwide pandemic, and the resulting economic uncertainty have left many folks wondering what is next, what the future holds, and for some, the prospect of a fresh new start is both appealing and intimidating at the same time.

Sometimes, part of that fresh start might involve a relocation, even as far away as a different coastline. Rather than allowing thee prospect and the process to frighten, there are some good, common-sense tips available to make the journey exciting and rewarding. The key is not just knowing when to pack, but rather what to pack first. So, let us make your 2022 move a good one.

You want to start by prioritizing your possessions, those things that need to go in the boxes now and those that can wait until later. But first, make sure you have all the materials with which to do it right.

Have a healthy supply of boxes, small, medium, and large most of which are readily available at any packing company butt do not hesitate to ask other businesses if they have extra boxes they are not using. This author conducted his entire last move with boxes donated from a local hobby shop! And make sure you have an abundance of packing paper, bubble wrap, packing tape, and Sharpie markers.

Okay, now that we have the basics in place, let us get started by packing all non-essential items first. This means materials and items that you will not need right away upon arriving at your new location, such as books and magazines, home décor, artwork, junk drawers, off season apparel, and holiday decorations. All these can wait, so make sure they are marked and properly labeled so you can find them and unpack them at the proper time.

Pack books in a series of smaller boxes, because trust us, a large box of books gets very heavy and very cumbersome very quickly. Smaller boxes are just easier to manage and move about. CDs and DVDs should be carefully packed to avoid damage and stored at room temperature levels. As with any step in the packing process, if there are things you do not want, take advantage of this opportunity to sell them or donate them or throw them out.

Make sure all artwork or other artistic pieces are properly packaged and protected against the rigors of a long-distance move. Mark their boxes “extremely fragile” so the movers know there is something important here.

Home décor can be a bit tricky, as trying to fit myriad items into one box can be a challenge. Use plenty of packing paper and bubble wrap to protect these items. You can also use pillows, towels, and cushions to help fill out larger boxes and protect their contents.

Go through clothing and separate everything out. If you are moving in the winter, pack your summer clothes away to deal with at a later time.

Once the non-essential items have been squared away, it is time to move on too the essential items, those that you will need quickly upon arrival at your new home. This includes things like dishes, electronics, toiletries, linens, and office and cleaning supplies. You will want to create an “open me first” box, containing the items and materials that you will need to immediately begin living in your new space. This includes a change of clothes for two or three days, any medications you may be taking, important documents, electronic devices, as well as toiletries and towels.

Of course, this list is subjective; basically, just pack whatever is important to you, and make sure it is the last box on the truck so that it is the first one off. Either that or have that box travel with you in your vehicle.

Some people pack up their whole kitchen at once, but the truth is you really do not need every kitchen item or tool at the outset. Take the time to pack the items that you know you will need right way, such as a pot, skillet, spatula, and some kitchenware. You can safely pack everything else away and get to it as time allows. Purchase some paper plates and cups, along with some plastic utensils to use for those first few meals. If you are transporting any food items, limit them to the canned variety that are not likely to go bad.

You will want to pack your toiletries and cleaning supplies where they can be easily accessed early on, because they are some of the first things you will probably need upon arrival. Look for any materials that you either have not used in a while or that are expired and get rid of them. Again, this should be one of those boxes that is last on the truck so it can be among the first off.

Create a separate folder of all your important documents. Know where they are at all times, and ideally, transport them in your own personal vehicle where you can lay hands on them if needed. This is necessary for a successful long-distance move.

As with any large-scale project, do not attempt too much at the last minute. Proper planning and execution can turn what is often a stressful and difficult relocation into aa fulfilling and rewarding experience. There is no substitute for proper planning, and knowing what goes where, and more importantly when, can go a long way toward making your cross-country relocation a success.

At California New York Express Movers, we recommend starting the packing process at least two weeks out, starting with the smallest room and working up. Of course, our team of moving professionals are ready and able to take care of all your packaging and transportation needs.

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