where to donate items before moving

Where To Donate Items Before Moving

Lessen the load before your long distance move

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Where To Donate Items Before Moving

When the time comes to start Getting Organized and preparing your home for the move, it can be an exciting time to think about what’s important, and what to take with you. Things hold different meanings to people, and letting go of, or moving these items to your new home is a decision that will need to be made in a timely manner prior to moving day.

Whether you’re a minimalist, a collector of fine items, or just ready to let go, lighting your load can have positive effects on the quality of your life and ensure a simpler move. In addition to selling items, donating can be a great way to help and provide for others and your community. Recycling also keeps more “stuff” from being added to the landfills.

Below is a list of organizations where items can be donated. Making a list of everything you are planning to donate can help you decide where to donate and how to organize your donation drop offs.

Clothing, Furniture, Linens, Household Items

Thrift stores – Goodwill and the Salvation Army are two of the most common charities. Simply drop off your belongings to any Goodwill Donation Center or Salvation Army or call your local center to see if they offer pick up services.

In most communities, there are also smaller non-profit charities where you can donate.

Shelters – Check local shelters within your community where you can donate items such as: clothing, bedding, and household items. The shelters and other support agencies provide assistance with helping individuals get back on their feet.

Dress for Success – This is a worldwide non-profit organization that helps women in the workplace. They provide professional clothing, and to those who need it, development tools. They accept new, nearly new or gently used work/business clothing, shoes, handbags, unused cosmetics and jewelry. To donate find an affiliate in your area Dress for Success.

Books And Magazines

Libraries – Most public libraries will accept gently used pre owned books. If you have magazines, DVD’s or CD’s to be donated, libraries may also accept these. If the library sells these items opposed to using them on their shelves, the money raised from book donations will be used for library events.

If the library doesn’t take your books, inquire about local literacy groups or other places your books could be donated. Some areas do not have well equipped libraries and your donations will find a good home within these groups.

Shelters – Shelters can be a great place to donate books and magazines. They often have their own libraries, which can be used by the residents. A lot of the time, the locals of these shelters do not have permanent addresses, therefore are not able to have access to public libraries. The libraries are smaller, so new material is often welcomed.

Schools – Many schools are under funded and will welcome donations of materials in good condition. Inquire with local schools and let them know what you have. If you have magazines, DVD’s and CD’s ask if they can also be donated.

Computers And Electronics

Thrift stores – Most thrift stores will take computers and electronics. Before donating, make sure each item works, and if possible has all the corresponding parts. Remember to erase all personal information from the hard drives.

If you have computers or electronics that do not work, think about donating them to be recycled. One group, Call2Recycle offers across the U.S., drop off locations for rechargeable batteries and cell phones.

Shelters – There are many non-profit agencies assisting individuals and families. Donating working computers or electronics could help someone in need and expand their world. Some non-profit companies repair broken electronics and send them to parts of the world where electronics could be essential.

Schools and community centers – Call your local schools and community centers to see if what you have can be used. More then likely, your “old” computer or electronics will be accepted and put to good use.

Office supplies – Everyday office supplies will always come in handy. Contact your local non-profits, schools, day-cares, shelters and community centers.

Baby And Children

Baby items – If you have children that are no longer babies and still have some of their baby items, consider donating to an organization such as Baby2Baby. They are a non-profit and give items to places such as: children’s hospitals, shelters and low-income children ages 0-12. View items that are accepted as donations at baby2baby.org/donate(https://baby2baby.org/donate/).


Food banks – If you have decided not to move any of the remaining food in your cupboards, think seriously about donating them to a local food bank and helping the many who do not have access to food. These items are to be non-perishable, things like: rice, pasta, canned food, oils, cereals, nuts, teas and coffees etc. All food items must be unopened and non-expired. To donate the food, either box it up yourself and deliver, or contact you’re chosen food bank to see if they offer pick up donations.

Items That May Not Be Accepted

Depending on what you plan to donate, bear in mind that some of your items might not be accepted. You will need to speak with each organization to find out what they do accept, and what they don’t accept. Some of the things that cannot be accepted are: Upholstered items that are stained, have rips or tears, or have pet odors; broken or unframed glass and mirrors; broken flooring.

Quick Pickup

If you need to have your items for donation picked up immediately, there is a company called Pickup Please who can have your belongings picked up within 24 hours. The company is run by the Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA).

If you have decided to donate any of your items, don’t forget to obtain donation receipts. These are tax deduction receipts and can be deducted from your taxes at the end of the tax year, in addition to any possible Tax Deductible Moving Expenses.

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