moving animals and plants

Moving Animals And Plants

Moving Birds - Moving with our pets can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience, but it can also be a frightening and traumatic one for them if not properly prepared for the journey. Birds have specialized needs and requirements that should be properly tended to in order to ensure their safety, health, and well being. As you organize, sort, and pack your belongings, do not forget to take the time necessary to look after your bird’s needs ahead of moving day.

Moving Cats - Moving Cats We all know that cats are finicky and pretty much all about themselves. But they are also domesticated animals that like to remain close to their home base, which means any interruption of that routine may be difficult for them to navigate and become accustomed to. As with every aspect of your move, proper planning negates poor performance, and this is especially true for our feline friends.

Moving Fish - Of all pets, fish are probably the single most difficult to transport over a distance, namely due to the delicately balanced nature of the environment in which they live. Due diligence ahead of moving day should help to ensure that your finny friends arrive unharmed at the new home. It is important to begin looking early on into the proper procedures that are necessary for the safe transport and arrival of fish.

Moving Horses - If any animal is more used to traveling than the dog, it is probably the horse. Going to competitions, horse shows and breeding are all routine reasons for journeying to distant destinations. Horses are often sold and travel to their new owners, and some travel with their owners to a new home. Of course, they are also much larger animals than your average dog, and their traveling requirements will increase accordingly.

Moving Plants - You need to move, but what do you do with your plants? Well, the best option is to leave them behind with friends or neighbors. You may also wish to donate them to hospitals or senior centers. Interior plants are beneficial to our health and compliment our living environment. Plants can be sensitive to temperature, light and dark, and can be damaged or destroyed if not properly packed and transported.

Moving Rabbits - Much like cats, rabbits are sweet and sensitive pets who enjoy the security of their home. Relocating them is certainly doable, but proper care should be taken to make sure their physical and mental well-being is properly looked after. Place familiar objects and food in the rabbit’s dwellings and maintain a calm atmosphere, allowing him to relax into the new surroundings and begin exploring when he feels secure enough.

Moving Reptiles and Amphibians - Reptiles and amphibians are among the more exotic pets to be found, and their owners often consider them members of the family, much like the more common cats and dogs. When faced with a move, particularly a long distance one, proper care and preparation needs to go into making sure these unusual and amazing creatures are up to and ready for the journey.

Moving with Pets - Pets are just as important, just as valuable as any of our household items. Some would even say pets are tantamount to moving with children. And when that is the case, it becomes important to make sure that their well being and safety is looked out for and tended to properly. Ideally you want to make their journey to their new home and exciting adventure.

Moving your Dog - Dogs are truly man’s best friend, and quite possibly the most social of any pet that can be had. A long-distance move can be traumatizing and upsetting to a dog that has gotten used to the home he lives in. As with any move, proper planning is of utmost importance, making sure that your four-legged fur baby has all the food, water, treats and toys that he needs to keep him occupied and happy over the course of planning and executing your move.

Travel Safely with your Pet - Many pet owners consider pets like their own children, so any time you are traveling with pets, their safety and well being should be a top priority. Making sure that they are provided with abundant food and water, as well as frequent stops to use the bathroom or just stretch their legs for a few minutes is also important.

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