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Small Box

Small Box

Learn what goes into a small box,
what to pack and what not.

small box packing video

Small Box


What can go into a Small Box?

  • Books
  • Records
  • Documents
  • Tools
  • CD's
  • Fragile figurines
  • Spices
  • Dry food

Place items tightly & securely inside the box.

Protect fragile items by using bubble wrap.

Arrange and rearrange items until well fitted.

Fill empty spaces with bubble wrap or packing paper.

Remember to condense the box tightly with packing paper (see Box Basics video).

Do Not Pack

  • Fire arms
  • Ammunition

Do Not Pack - LiquidsS & Flammables

  • Liquid cleaning supplies
  • Propane tanks
  • Gas tanks
  • Aerosols

Do Not Pack - Heavy

  • Boxes should not be too heavy for one man to maneuver.
    Pack heavy articles such as books in smaller boxes.
    Use large boxes for lighter items like linens, clothing etc.

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