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Don’t Forget the Farewell Cleaning

Don’t Forget the Farewell Cleaning

Ready to move? Forgot anything? Check here.

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Don't Forget the Farewell Cleaning

So you're ready to go, you're packed up tight, everything accounted for, and all geared up to unload it on the other end of you Los Angeles / New York trek. Have you forgotten anything?

Surprisingly, most people fail to perform that final cleaning of their old home before closing the doors behind them for the last time. Even if your home hasn't been sold, you don't want to leave the mess for somebody else to take care of. Do everyone a favor and leave the old domicile in a presentable condition, one that will make it easier to sell and get out from under as soon as possible.

Take care of the floors by giving them a good sweeping and mopping treatment. This will also reveal some stains that may require additional effort to get rid of. Vacuum all carpets and rugs thoroughly, and you may want to invest in a carpet cleaning just for good measure.

If you find any signs of mold in the home, treat them. This will be most common in kitchens and bathrooms, and can affect prospective buyers. Take the time to address your mold problem.

Wash the inside of your refrigerator and oven, and be sure to wipe down all countertops, interior cabinets, and shelving. Remove grime and burnt food and this will really make a difference in the presentation value of your home.

Once your home is empty, you may be surprised at how bad the walls look, having gathered dust and grit over the years. Use a solution of water and dishwasher liquid to clean the walls, adding vinegar and ammonia to strengthen as necessary.

Clean out all garage and storage areas completely, and when you are done, get a copy of the inspection for your records. This allows you to avoid any cleaning fees that crop up later.

Finally, just as you would hire professional long distance movers, you might also want to consider hiring a professional cleaning company, as they can make sure all aspects of cleaning your home are properly covered.

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