don’t be taken in by fake moving reviews

Don’t Let Fake Moving Reviews Fool You

How to recognize real reviews from the fake ones

Long distance and cross country moving companies reviews

Don't Be Taken in by Fake Moving Reviews

It's a foregone conclusion that basing your decision on which long distance moving outfit to hire on the good or bad word of other people is a great way to make sure you get someone reputable. The problem comes when unscrupulous companies use questionable methods to make sure they get good word of mouth. Often this is done through posting fake reviews online designed to make a questionable company look better than they are.

So how do you determine if the moving reviews you are reading are legit? All it takes is a little research and proper examination of the reviews in question, and before long you will get a pretty good idea of who you should be listening to and who you should ignore.

First off, look at the dates of the reviews posted. If there are more than one or two written on the same day, then it's a good bet that they were in fact written by some low level employee who was given the assignment of boosting the company's good corporate image.

Look for reviews from two different sources. You'd be surprised at how often the same review ends up in multiple places. These ratings sites are often overlooked by company employees and can be valuable sources for unbiased opinion.

Look at the language in the review. If it reads more like an advertisement or a commercial than one person's honest opinion, then again, it was probably posted there by the company. Reading through all the reviews posted will reveal a pattern if it is there. Most customers are advertising copywriters, so before long you will be able to pick out the genuine reviews from the fake ones.

Ignore the highest and lowest number of stars on a given ranking. The highest ratings may be written by the company while the lowest may very well come from a disgruntled competitor. Instead, look for those that fall within the median, as they will provide the most honest and informative data for the company you are researching.

Yes, reviews are a great way to find a solid, reputable moving company. Just take a little time and some due diligence to make sure that what you are reading is in fact the opinion of a real person and not a company drone. If the reviews you find are encouraging, then hire them!

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Shannon L.
Shannon L.
Jan 5, 2024

Movers who packed my things up in NY were great. I was also very impressed with how clear everything was, how fast the move coordinator Eric was with getting back to me. Read more testimonials

Danielle Francisco
Feb 11, 2024

Terrific experience with Andres and his team. They were quick, efficient and very knowledgeable. Read more testimonials

Ria B.
Ria B.
Jan 10, 2024

Everything went smoothly with CA-NY Express Movers. They packed up my apt in NYC in no time, put it into storage for me while we found our new house. Read more testimonials

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