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Delivery Time Frame Calculator

See when your items will arrive to your new home.

Step 1:
Enter your pick up date:
Step 2:
Enter your 'Earliest Delivery Date':
'Earliest Delivery Date': This will be the first date that you are able to accept delivery. The purpose is to make sure that we are not arriving before you (or your 3rd party) are physically at your new location to accept delivery.

If you are ready for delivery ASAP, please enter the next date, after, your pickup date as your earliest delivery date.
* If you are ready for delivery ASAP, your delivery time frame
  will be 5 to 15 calendar days. Please make sure to read
  our 'delivery time frame policy' below.

Delivery time frame policy

Option 1: on your contract form you will find an 'Earliest Delivery Date' field. You will be asked to select a date. If you are ready for delivery ASAP the delivery time frame is 5 to 15 calendar days.

Option 2: due to logistic reasons, when entering 'Earliest Delivery Date' which is 8 calendar days or greater from the day after your pick up date, delivery time frame will be 'Earliest Delivery Date' + 7 calendar days.
** Count starts the day after pickup date.

Example: if your pickup date is 03/20 and you requested an 'Earliest Delivery Date' on 03/28. the delivery time frame will be 03/28 + 7 calendar days.

Late Delivery Compensation: $100 for every day late per policies described above.


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