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cnyx coronavirus safety measures

CNYX Coronavirus Safety Measures

We are constantly monitoring & acting upon the latest updates.

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CNYX Coronavirus Safety Measures


Rest assured that all of us at CA NY Express are monitoring the latest updates, local & National requirements, and any new developments on the Coronavirus front.

We have implemented several precautionary procedures (listed below) in order to safely provide services, we are currently able to proceed under these guidelines and will notify you immediately should anything change.

+ Vehicles are being disinfected daily (door handles, steering wheel, etc.)
+ Employees are required to wear face masks & Protective glasses.
+ Crew is required to wash their hands with soap for 20 seconds as soon as they enter your home, and immediately put on single use gloves.
+ Upon request, we wear shoe covers before entering your home.

What we are requesting from our customers:

1) If you/anyone in your home is sick, elderly, immunocompromised, or if you have traveled outside of the country recently - please notify us immediately.

2) Please, within the best of your abilities, prepare before we arrive. For example: Keep 6ft away if possible, sanitize home, etc.

3) During these uncertain times, please make sure to communicate with us as best as possible on any changes to your moving plans (perhaps you need to move out, but will remain in storage). We are flexible, and the more we will understand your needs, the more we might be able to accommodate them.

We are committed to providing you with the best service possible within the given circumstances. As this situation is new to us all, our question to you is:

- Please guide us on how we can make you feel more at ease?
- What practices we can use to make you feel most comfortable?
- What do you need, or expect from us?  

Please contact us if you have any questions or require additional assistance.

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