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Creating a Moving Checklist Once packing begins for an upcoming move, creating a moving checklist is important, as it will help to remain organized and ensure nothing gets forgotten. Listed below are some common items that often get forgotten during the packing process. These include: Valuables – If you have valuable jewelry, or other high value items, make sure they are packed and remain with you throughout the duration of the move. In some cases,
Helpful Tips When Living in Your For Sale Home It’s very common to live in your current home while it’s on the market to be sold. To create simplicity and be prepared for potential buyers, yet maintain the feeling of home, we provide some tips to make living in your for sale home a comfortable experience. Packing early is priority. As soon as it’s been decided to sell your home, start packing and clearing out
Prepare Your Belongings For Storage If your items are going into storage for any period of time, knowing how to protect them is an important part of the preparation process. Whether they’ll be in storage for a short period of time, or for a longer amount of time, you’ll be at ease knowing that while your belongings are in storage, they’ll be protected against potential damage, moisture, dust and dirt. You will need to have
Important Questions to Ask Your Estimator Once you have made the decision to hire a moving company to transport your belongings, chances are that you will have a lot of questions. It’s always advised to receive at least three estimates from different moving companies. Asking the same important questions to each of the potential companies will help you to find the best movers for your relocation.    Do you provide in home estimates? Depending on what
Making the Move to College or University Is moving to college or university your next step? If you have already been accepted and know where you’ll be living, you can determine what items to move, and how to transport them. If you have a small load with only a handful of items, you might consider packing up your car and driving all your belongings. Alternatively, you could hire a professional moving company to transport your
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