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prepare your belongings for storage

Prepare Your Belongings For Storage

Storage is a great solution for a variety of needs

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Prepare Your Belongings For Storage

If your items are going into storage for any period of time, knowing how to protect them is an important part of the preparation process. Whether they’ll be in storage for a short period of time, or for a longer amount of time, you’ll be at ease knowing that while your belongings are in storage, they’ll be protected against potential damage, moisture, dust and dirt.

You will need to have all the right packing supplies and tools. Each item needs to be prepared separately, and might require different packing materials. One thing is common: make sure each item is clean and thoroughly dried prior to being packed and put in storage.

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Furniture – remember, each piece of furniture is different. For example, antiques will require a higher level of care. For long-term storage, covering furniture is recommended. Moving blankets, or specialized fabric covers can be used.

Mattresses – It is very important before packing a mattress into a specialized bag or box, that it is checked thoroughly for bug infestation.

Appliances –large appliances must be clean and dry before being stored. A fridge and freezer must be defrosted prior to being stored.

Clothing – Packing an insect repellent, such as mothballs with your clothing is recommended.

Books – Ensure books are dry and dusted before being packed.

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