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moving with your kids to san francisco – part 2

Moving with Your Kids to San Francisco – Part 2

Learn the children related factors you
must take in consideration – part 2.

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Moving with Your Kids to San Francisco - Part 2

While the first part of this article covered the attractions and advantages associated with moving with kids to San Francisco, this article covers the disadvantages that must be considered when moving to San Francisco.

Environmental Conditions

Moving to San Francisco with kids may present some disadvantages. Learn more about living in San Francisco with kids before your move.While most parts of San Francisco are relatively clean other parts are dirtier. As most large metropolitan areas some parts of San Francisco are crowded, dirty and loud. Due to its geographic location and closeness to the ocean, San Francisco offers good air quality.


The education system in San Francisco is known to be very good. The city offers some of the best public schools and some excellent private schools. Education in Los Angeles is pricey, if you choose to send your child to a private school be ready to pay the high price.


San Francisco is known to be very expensive. Gas, food, housing, these are all expensive expenses, compared to many other states and cities in the country. Moving to San Francisco with children may even make it more expensive as you have to sponsor your kids' after school activities, toys, etc.


Based on the FBI crime reports, San Francisco is relatively a safe place for kids. Although crime levels are higher than the national averages it is still significantly lower than the crime levels in Los Angeles.


In many areas of the city parking is a problem. This aspect must be considered when choosing your new residency location. If you move to a more crowded area, do your best to buy or lease a home with a parking spot.

This fact is especially important to parents of toddlers and babies as finding a parking spot while your kid is getting bored in the back seat may be a very non pleasant experience for both you and your kid.

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