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Moving Green - Glossary

Here is some great information on green terms that you may come across in your long distance move.

If you're moving and are an environmentally conscious person, learn how to green your move.Alternative Energy � refers to a type of energy produced from uncommon sources such as wind power or solar energy. Some day, hopefully, all long distance moving companies will have the availability of using alternative energy and fuels for moving trucks and warehouses.

Biodegradable � a product is considered biodegradable when it breaks down and can be absorbed into the eco-system. You will find that many types of long distance moving packing peanuts (or foam) are biodegradable.

Carbon Footprint � is a measurement of the impact a product or person has on the environment in terms of the amount of greenhouse gases produced, which is measured in units of carbon dioxide. In long distance moving, things like cardboard boxes and packing peanuts have a carbon footprint.

Carbon Neutral � refers to a company, person or action that either does not produce carbon emissions or takes action to offset them elsewhere. Some long distance moving companies have taken steps towards carbon neutrality by using paperless office systems, energy efficient light bulbs, and becoming active members of the DWP�s Green program.

Eco-assessment � an evaluation of your home or workplace with the aim of cutting your energy and water usage. Once you have settled in after your long distance move, take some time to assess your property and see what you can do to improve your footprint.

Environmentally preferable � products or services that have a reduced effect on the environment. In long distance moving, you would reuse boxes, or protect your valuables with the morning newspaper or an old t-shirt. These would be environmentally preferred over packing peanuts.

Green design � an architectural design that conforms to environmentally sound principles of building. If you haven�t found a house to move long distances to, consider scouting out a green building that has solar panels, skylights, or perhaps just recycled building materials.

Low-emission vehicles � these vehicles emit a low amount of pollution compared to conventional engines. Future long distance moving trucks will be low emissions.

Reduce � this can refer to a few things, such as reducing the amount of products you buy, or perhaps reducing the amount of waste and products you dispose of.

Reuse � It is important to try and get the most out of each product. You should, for example, reuse your long distance moving boxes for other needs.

Recycle - At the end of a product�s life, it is time to reprocess it into raw, usable material. Long distance moving boxes, and packing paper can usually be recycled.


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